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2011 Yearly Horoscopes

2011 Yearly Horoscopes for all Zodiac Signs. Predictions for 2011 Year about love, relationship, health, career and money. Check what the stars have to tell us.

2011 Yearly Horoscopes


2011 for Aries will be a dynamic and positive, according to yearly horoscope. That does not mean it will be easy, on the contrary, you can expect hard work and action. The progress and growth you still have in your hands. You may be faced with the challenges of your career in the first half of the year. However, you have a real chance to overcome all difficulties.

Since May 2011th the favorable period comes to your finances. Then you ahead a period of increased wisdom and clarity of thought, that should be exploited.

Second half of the year is time for learning new lessons. New thoughts and ideas that you have learned, now you would be able to use in the next few years. And success will be great.

Since May 2011th especially check your communications and relationships. This is a good time for family, so it will be a harmonious family life. People who are connected can expect marriage this year.

Be careful in relation to health, especially be careful what you eat.


In the second half, 2011th year will bring some benefit from the initiated activities. This could be the beginning of a successful and long cycle, that can continue the next few years.

Some of you may have an unexpected promotion. According to predictions, career advancement is possible in November. Cost growth since May. Be careful, some new ideas and plans may become topical in the spring. There are opportunities for investment in real estate, between May and September 2011th. Financial problems could disappear at the end of the year.

Significant support from family and friends all over the year. Marital problems possible in the second half of the year. Those who are not married, this year could meet the great love.

In the second half of the year required special attention to health, due to some possible problems and diagnoses.


2011th for you can be a positive year, despite the difficulties and uncertainties to which you will encounter.

Since May you will have a chance to zoom in earnings and finances. Hard work done prior to May should start to yield results in the second half of 2011th year.

Some family dilemmas and problems in February and this could continue until June.

Avoid large changes in the house. Creative work from November 2011th can bring rich rewards.

Since May is also possible to find a profitable business or activity. In any case, be careful.

Mid-year potential health problems are more pronounced.


According to horoscope, 2011 is good year for cancer. Happiness and good will be on your side. You'll have a successful career. Very intense years, which will bring a lot of duties and obligations. However, hard work will be rewarded.

Since May, a new influx of negative energy and pessimistic mood. Do not allow to overcome.

Favorable period for private life and love are March and April. Too much concern for children.


2011 will be a challenging year for the Leo. Bad experience will be replaced with good, and will return confidence in some people and values. Financial pressures will be most pronounced in the period from February to June. Negative thinking will last until the end of April, and then enter into a positive phase. In any case, those who have worked hard, will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of these activities. If you are planning to invest in real estate, from May this be the maximum caution. The last two months you will be recruited over finances and earnings.

You can expect a healthy family life throughout the year. Romantic relationship this year and may culminate in marriage.


2011 year for Libra is full of events, which could be good for many members of this zodiac sign. Good for family life and friendships. A healthy relationship with family members, as well as with friends.

You can expect more support from colleagues in the workplace, including the parent. However, be careful in February and March, when you can have financial stress in connection with losses. The improvements will begin in May, when there could be new partnerships and activities in areas that include joint work. In November, a new business will bring a good satisfaction and a lot of work.

Trips are in the air, especially with family members or friends.


All year you'll worry about work and money. However, money can never have enough. You will not have a major changes in career and work. There is little chance for extra profit from the business, unless you do some kind of writing or publishing.

For Virgo, 2011 will be a peaceful year, but November brings new pressure. A higher level of vibration in the new areas of work and partnership ventures. So, you'll need a lot of energy and enthusiasm

Family life will be satisfactory, and will give you the necessary support.

Only minor health problems can occur at the beginning of the year.


Positive year for the Scorpio. There may be financial and material gains, and career development. Changes related to job possible in May. Some will be positive, and some do not. Unwanted growth of costs and financial obligations in November, so it is necessary to keep the maximum presence of mind.

At the beginning of the year, possible health problems, but you will be able to solve the problem alone.

In 2011 possible problems and tensions in the marriage. Try to be honest with your partner, and the misunderstanding will disappear.


2011th year is full of love and romance, for those who are prone to it. So, it can end up with marriage. May can bring good experience in career development, but greater career growth since November. Then be wise to take advantage of ideas, talent and knowledge. However, keep the money, because you can have a larger financial problem. You'll need to control costs.

You can count on the support of friends throughout the year. Also, on the horizon is a nice trip.

Health very good.


2011 according to yearly horoscope is generally positive year for Capricorn. This is the year without much difficulty and problems, but from time to time, be careful. If you have a job, a significant predisposition for success. In any case, it's a good period for those who have started a new job. You can invest in real estate.

This year you have a strong possibility to travel abroad.

In 2011. you will get some important new friends and start some new relationships, for a long time.

May will bring some problems in the family. It is best to be patient and tactful. At the end of the year favorable romantic period.


Aquarius can expect a nice year. This year for you will be happier than the previous. Although not without a heavy period. Many members of this zodiac sign can find a new jobs and earn a lots of money. Since April will be positive changes in your career.

The whole 2011 year you will be full of positive energy, but be careful in terms of health. Some health problems may occur during the summer.

Favorable period in the family, as well as relationships with friends - you will be loyal. Since October begin happier period in many areas.


For Pisces 2011 would be good year in principle, although many problems still await, primarily because of some bad peoples. Financial progress will begin in January. You will add up the fruits that you earned in the previous year.

You can expect a healthy family life. Romantic relationship could be crowned with marriage.

2011 you have a real chance to travel abroad. So, do not miss the opportunity and enjoy.

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