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December 21 2012 the end of the World

Superstition or Truth

What does really expect us in December 21 2012? Will it be the end of the world? Are the predictions about the events that follow matter of superstition or the truth?

Let us see what these predictions are about.

December 21 2012 the end of the WorldIn December 21 2012 according to the myths of the ancient Mayas will be completed the final accounting of the huge time circle. This is commonly known as Big Calendar. This will be the date when starts the end of the world. Ancient people Maya have considered the flow of time as cyclic matter, not linear. They have believed that in December 2012. one time period consisted of 26.000 years finally comes to an end.

Ancient Mayas believed that the time runs very fast and as time passes the time runs even faster, like swirl. It is not the case that one time sequence like minute lasts shorter but bigger changes can happen in shorter part of time. For example, prehistoric times lasted one exact sequence of time; ancient times that followed after the prehistoric age lasted shorter period compared to prehistory. Middle age that followed after it lasted even shorter than ancient times …etc.

Mayas calendarAccording to Mayas, the time will speed up until the December 21 2012, and after it, the situation will be dramatically changed, turned in the opposite direction and slow downed. The end of the world will happen in December 21 2012. Also, this will be the end of the epoch called "The Fourth Sun". Mayas predictions say that before the end of the world destructive earthquakes and cataclysms will appear. Even though, some predictions are about the earthquakes and cataclysms which will lead not to the end of the world but to the new period of time called "The Fifth Sun" when the life will run easily and when changes will happen slowly. It is something similar to the converting of the time when it starts going backwards. This will serve for all of us to feel in what kind of swirl we are exactly living in.

Hindi people consider 2012 as a key year when Avatar will appear (a God in a form of human being). Then will lead our today's age to an end and a new age will begin - they believe that human beings are descendants of some sort of aliens. Avatar is supposed to land on Earth in 2012 and after it to reorganize this world.

According to the predictions of the Ancient Egyptians, still unknown Planet-X will hit the Earth in 2012 and that event could cause the end of the world.

In the book "Prediction of Orion's" is claimed that in 2012 radical changes of electromagnetic field around the Earth will happen such as the replacement of poles which will cause huge catastrophe. Whether is this superstition or the truth is unknown; what is for sure is the fact that electromagnetic field around the earth really changes. It is not certain that the end of the world is coming but what is for sure is that the world as we know it, will disappear. Particularly, all electronic devices would stop working.

According to the algorithm taken from the book "The Bible Code" big asteroid will hit the Earth in 2012.

Other argues that in December 21 2012 we are expected to transit from one to another dimension of life and then is predicted the end of the world as we know it. What is possible is to meet time in some other way.

Some predictions for 2012 affirm, due to extremely strong Sun irradiance, disordered Sun resonance. In this way our condition will be in disorder as well as our cerebral waves. The Earth will be washed by photons bundle which arrive from the centre of galaxy. The whole alive world will be set up on the completely new level of the vibration, due to the equalizing with the centre of the galaxy and The Milky Way. It is referred that those who are on the higher level with meditations and invested work on the self-improvement are those who are supposed to overcome all these changes without pain. Those who stayed trapped with material things in 3D commonly known world will get older more quickly and become unbalanced.

Some theories are about the rays which come from the centre of the galaxy. On the wings of those rays different spiritual beings will come and finally meet us. Among them are personally we - it can be said that this represent us from the future.

During the apocalypse (this is the time between two worlds) a lot of people will face the changes in their personal lives. These changes will be numerous. There are a lot of examples which symbolize this: the breakage of the connections, movement to other locations, changes of the job, changes in the way of thinking…etc.

If all of these predictions for 2012 are just matter of superstition, the information about the exact date of the end of the world is truth. According to the Maya's calendar the date when comes the end of the world is coincided with the rare astronomical phenomena that occurs once in 230 millions of years. Precisely on December 21 2012 the plane where solar system is positioned will be balanced with the plane of the Milky Way. According to the some researchers two other galaxies will be aligned with our galaxy.

What will happen to us in December 21st 2012, we will soon face it!

- 2012 Science or Superstition - The "Declaration 2012" or Psychic Science revolution

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