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African superstitions

African superstitionsAfrican people are very superstitious, so the superstitions in Africa, usually, is a part of everyday life.

First African superstition is related to witches. For witchcraft in Africa, often accuse women and even children. It is believed that the witches have night meetings in the forests and seas. Then they agree on how to hurt people. Moreover, many nocturnal animals, especially birds, are suspected as witches. Throughout the history of the village in Africa, witches were blamed for the strong winds, drought, infertility, illness, hunger, misery and all other disasters.

Then, the next African superstition refers to the belief in evil spirits. So, when a man is sick, it means that the evil spirit entered his body.

And now, list of other African superstitions:

- If you dream fish, someone will have baby.

- Pregnant women should not go to the zoo.

- The animals are well aware when a woman is pregnant.

- The first year of life, don’t cut a baby’s hair.

- Do not allow children to sweep the floor, because they will invite unwanted guests.

- Do not buy your wife shoes as a gift, because she would go out of your life with them.

- Never put your bag on the floor or you’ll be poor man.

- Do not put your hat on the bed, or you'll be sick.

- Never walking around with wet hair, because you may catch a death of cold.

- When you are walking with someone, never let a pillar, sign or a tree between you, because you may have trouble on the road.

- When your ear rings, someone mentioned you.

- When your palm is itching, you will get money.

It will be all the African superstitions from my collection.

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