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10 Folk Beliefs about Money

Beliefs about moneyHave you ever wondered what to do to preserve your money as long as possible? Check out these tips that will teach you how you can always have enough money. Money is very important in your life. Everyone would like to have it as much as possible. Many people are turning to the various wizards and magicians, but we can bring you a few tips that are belong to the folk beliefs about money.

Folk beliefs about money are saying what should and what should not be done with the money, if you want to have it enough, and even a lot - from now onwards. In the following read 10 folk beliefs about money:

1. Take one big banknote and store it in your home for a year. It will replenish by your energy and begin to attract money for you.

2. When you get paid, that day do not spend even a dollar. Your whole salary must spend the night in the house, so the money will love your home and you.

3. If you want to have money, never put your bag on the floor.

4. Never let your wallet be empty, let in it at least some pennies.

5. Money does not like pierced pockets and clothes with missing buttons.

6. Crumbs of food from the table do not clean by hand.

7. All your money with its main page should be facing you.

8. Do not whistle in the house, because the money does not like this.

9. Over the summer beware the small paper banknotes in the pockets of your coat, during the winter beware the small paper banknotes in the pockets of summer clothing.

10. If you need an increase in salary, wednesday is the best day to ask for it.

And a special 11th belief about money: If you want to have the money, do not be selfish, necessarily share this article with your friends. Otherwise, all the money will run away from you.

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