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About money

If you concentrate on area of money, it can really change your life. For example, according to Feng Shui, one expert had a client who owned very successful restaurant and who suddenly started to make losses - people simply stopped coming to his restaurant. After the reviewal of one Feng Shui expert, he found that in the area of wealth (which was in the yard) growing tree was sick and begin to dry. When the wood was removed, the restaurant started to work again. This is only one of many Feng Shui superstitious story.

In the area of resources, it is recommended to put an ornament or an image that fulfills you and makes you joyful. But, not even accidentally, put fake money in it. If your area of resources and wealth is in the bathroom, there is the real risk that your money "flows into the gutter". Hold down the lid on the cup and put the mirror on the outside of the bathroom door to refuse the energy that can leave the water. Add a plant or put the crystal in the window to keep the energy inside.

About career

If at your work everything goes backwards, according to Feng Shui, you can add crystals in career area of your home - as simbol of power. It will immediately undertake your job. The next step you need to take is to check the status of your phone and desk and to see on which side of the world you are looking at from windows. East is good for early stages of bussiness - for synchronisation of energy with the rising sun. NorthWest is ideal for leadership and organisation or for people who want a responsible job. SouthEast brings creative energy; the West is ideal for bussiness dealings. South can bring stress.

About health

Health or "TA'I CHI" area is located in the centre of house, apartment or a room. This area must be held in perfect order, must be clean, and with enough light and ventilation. Frequent cleaning of the chandelier can bring prosperity. The bedroom is also very important for health, because people charge batteries during a sleep. Also, it is important to consider arranging of bedroom. Feng Shui is the worst if the beam in the attic cross the room above the bed. Annotated experience shows that people with health problems usually have cutted area over their beds with a beam. It is affirmated that married couples which are faced with separation usually had a beam, cutted in lenght, over their bed. If your bed is located above the beam and you can not move a bed, try to minimalize its impact by implementing a false ceiling. However, the best solutin is to sleep in another room.

It is recommended for everyone to try to find the best position for a bed in the house. In this way, you will discover the best energy, according to Feng Shui. A man can be refreshed in a best way if his had is facing the West. Sleeping with had facing the North, brings calm - but it can lead your life in a too calm direction.

About love

If you are single, and you do not appreciate to be alone anymore, try to reorganize your apartment. You will probably find a lot of isolated objects that refect your lonelines. What you need to do - is to try to "steam" the negative energy. Place the double candle holders, pictures of couples, romantic landscapes in your bedroom, in part of relationships. And keep in mind, that this should be easy. Also, be aware that red is the colour of passion. Be care about the amount of red colour: if there is too much red colour, this can bring a tumultuous and strange relationship.

The direction in which you turn your head can affect your love life. North side can make humiliated relations; so probably no one will ever know about you. The South side can bring passion. The West is good if you already have someone and will allow you to establish a strong bond. The East and SouthEast will help you to meet new people.

General warning

Feng Shui experts warn that changes must be introduced slowly, one by one. In any case, you need to be resolved of all unnecessary things, then gradually introduce the changes and wait to see their effects. As soon as you notice that something is wrong, it is recommended that you turn the things in its original state.

Experts also warn that, if everything in your life is just right, nothing should be changed, regarding the principles of Feng Shui.You were probably, on some instinctive way, able to compensate all problems that could appear in areas of home. Chinese recommend: do not mend, what is not broken!

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