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Chinese FENG SHUI - part I


Chinese Feng Shui tells how to improve your health, emotions, family life and bussiness status. The literal translation of Feng Shui means "wind and water" which are in Chinese tradition two main life forces. Both of these elements shape our environment, time, lives and destiny. Most people have natural feeling about enviroment and can designate is the atmosphere in the house where we are living happy, dark or sometimes scary.

Chi - Feng Shui positive energy

Have you ever thought about landscaping - the position of furniture, a variety of useful and decorative items and plants in your home and workspace - can this actually affect your life?
Chinese people believe in positive affect of this and invest Feng Shui elements even today in modern life. The ancient science of spatial planning, which is called Feng Shui assumes that the whole environment: people, facilities and atmosphere are imbued with a form of living energy that is called "CHI". If anyhow this energy is blocked, certain aspects of your life will go wrong!

Basics of Feng Shui

About home

* To use mosaic or mirrors made of tiles. It splits up your character and symbolically it can split up your life.

* To combine work with sleeping. Different types of energy can collide and derail your performance in both areas. If you have to hold working desk in your bedroom, at least what you can do is to separate working part of that room from sleeping part using plants, mirrors or mobile (mobile is a mixture of various figurines that usually hung from the ceiling and constantly swings).

* To enter more than one change at a same time. In addition to this, this change is too difficult to submit.

About home

* To remove all things from the house that you do not need.

* The most important thing from Feng Shui is discharge between all wastes from the house and cleaning.

* To make rooms with more light. Windows should always be clean. If you let the sunlight enter your home, the whole atmosphere in the house meets positive charge of energy.

* To repair all leaking faucets. One can draw your health or wealth. If you change the broken light bulbs and repair broken windows than you actually stop loosing positive energy.

* Put neon light instead of usual light. Flashing neon light distorts normal flow of energy and transforms negative energy into positive.

* Remove basket and dust bin outside the area of health and wealth.

About plants

Plants are like a sponge. They can slow down the energy that goes out through a long hallway. Because they are alive, they have a power to move stationary energy from corners. If the bussiness is stagnant, put alive plant in a bussiness part of the house. The plant will breathe life into your career. According to Feng Shui, plants are very important part of life.

About crystals

Crystals increase the energy and this is the reason why they can improve each area where they are positioned. If you want to increase your lovelife, place a crystal in a square which is reserved for the "relationships". The best round crystals are cut in many areas iridescent. If they hang on the windows it will boost the solar light and improve the whole room. Crystals may not be placed near the mirror, according to Feng Shui.

About mirror

According to Feng Shui mirrors are of the key importance. Mirrors reflect the energy, as well as reflecting the character of the person who is looking at the mirror. It should always be set on the wall in a way that the overhead can be seen at least thirty inches of space - you can be assured that in this way is reflected your aura. It provides space for the development of ideas. Check if all your mirrors are framed, with good quality and with the reflect in it that is clear. Round and oval mirrors have best effects. Small convex mirrors can be used with special effects, the short time it should be left in certain areas to bring more energy. The mirror if not used for a long time can lead to the excessive activity. Mirrors in the hallways can get in the energy into the room - but be sure not to set them one against the other (this will capture the energy between the mirrors and it will not be able to pass on). Never put mirrors in the bedroom. During the sleep, a mirror positioned by a bed have a role of returning the emotions to us, so we will not be able to wake up refreshed. If you can not organize the bedroom without a mirror - cover them with pieces of cloth before going to sleep.

About Jingle Bells

In Chinese tradition the use of different kind of bells is very often (a variety of hanging bamboo sticks, stones, shells). They are hanged and wing to produce a pleasant ringing sound. Chinese people regulary hold them in the front of the house to attract the positive energy called "CHI". It is recommended to put one bell in front of the house, near the entrance. Jingle Bells sound very pleasant and people automatically hear the bells and feel comfortable when entering the house.

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