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2012 - Year of the Dragon

Black Water Dragon gives happiness and success, keeps the family and good people. 2012 Year of the Dragon favorable for the establishment of family, birth a smart and healthy children. During this period we should be bold and not humble.

Year of the DragonChinese New Year 2012 (according to the Chinese Zodiac) Year of the Dragon begins on January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013.

The year of the Dragon is the year for great deeds, innovative ideas and big projects. In this year success in particular can expect people who are dealing with finances. This will be advantageous time to begin new projects in business and social level.

The Year of the Dragon will bring the excitement, a big ups and downs in our lives. Only if we adjusted the ruler in the right way, we will be able to pick the most beautiful fruits that we could ever imagine.

Dragon gives happiness and success to all good and honest people. Also, those who have great talent. 2012 Year of the Dragon is favorable for the establishment of family, the birth of a healthy and smart children. During this period we should be bold and not humble.

Now let's see what we need to do this year to win the sympathy and all the treasures of the Black Water Dragon. Here are some suggestions for the celebration of Chinese New Year.

What to wear to welcome the Year of the Dragon?

We can draw the attention of the patron of this year if our New Year's Eve toilet is in his favorite colors. Some people think it's black and yellow color combination, while others think that the Dragon likes bright red and intense green color. Yet, all agree that black color should be dominant.

The most important thing to remember is that the Dragon loves splendor and grandeur. And be sure to wear vibrant colors. On New Year's Eve, take a walk with the most extravagant hairstyles, which can be decorated with dazzling hair accessories.

What needs to appear on the New Year's table?

It is important that the New Year's table is full of various specialties, and only fresh and natural foods. Dragon will appeal to rare species of fish, seafood and pumpkin. It is good to celebrate Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon) with food that are well seasoned with pepper and basil, ginger and cinnamon, cloves and chilli, coriander and nutmeg. For happiness in the Year of the Dragon, all foods primarily to be extremely tasty.

On the New Year's table, in accordance with the Dragon, required decoration is - candles.

How to decorate the house to welcome the Year of the Dragon?

As we recognize that the dominant element of the 2012 Year of the Dragon is water, we need to deploy mussels, sea stars, octopus, figurines of fish and dragon figurines through the whole house.

You can decorate the Christmas tree with white, black and yellow balls. To welcome the Year of the Dragon Chinese Feng Shui recommends only a natural Christmas tree.

Best gifts for 2012 year?

Well, of course, gift dedicated to the Dragon will be the best gift. Dragon can be located on T-shirts, pens, cups, fridge magnets, pendants rings, necklaces... And of course the Dragon as a figure. Dragon will be desirable in the cabinet of businessmen, civil servants, managers of large corporations and owners of small private firms. Gift for children needs to be a toy Dragon.

In addition, a good gift for the upcoming year of the dragon, will be gifts associated with water (sea and waterways motifs). It will have the power to bring success to its owner. 2012 year is a real opportunity to give the aquarium.

Important note: Do not buy a dinosaur instead of the Dragon. This is a negative symbol, and has nothing in common with the smart, wise and wealthy Dragon.

What to do at midnight on New Year's Eve?

A few minutes before midnight, in mind we need to thank the departing Year of the Rabbit and remember as much good things that have happened to us in 2011. At midnight, in mind, we need to go to a good and property.

In general, to welcome Chinese New Year we need to open every door and window at midnight. To let go of the old year and let the good fortune to come into the house.

2012 Year of the Dragon - What to do?

On New Year's Day, don't talk about the past, look to the future and new beginnings.

On the 5th day of Chinese New Year, include dragons (in front of your business), for prosperity, money and good luck.

This year, we should to give love, love and love. And love will return to us. The whole universe will glow of love energy.

And finally, remember that the Dragon is a karmic animal. It returns a positive energy which you gave to others.
Let's try! It is not difficult.

Happy Chinese New Year - For the whole Universe

Chinese Dragon Meaning - Read more about the Chinese dragon, a traditional emblem of China.

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