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2014 - Year of the Horse

Year of the Green Wooden Horse brings changes, balance and continuous progress

Year of the Horse 2014Chinese New Year 2014 (according to the Chinese Zodiac) Year of the Horse begins on January 31, 2014 and ends on February 18, 2015. More precisely, when we take into consideration signs and elements, 2014 is the Year of the Green Wooden Horse.

Horse, according to the Chinese horoscope, represents the will to live, adventure and a strong self-awareness. We can expect an exciting period. The next 12 months will be a period of creating new things, original ideas and projects.

Therefore, we need to preserve the faith in yourself and the desire for progress. The 2014th year of the Green Wooden Horse success should mark the lives of many people. Anyone who wants to have a prosperous year must not to waste time. In the year of the Horse every effort will be rewarded.

If we decide to be disciplined, this year promises a lot. What we need to do to win the sympathy of the Green Wooden Horse?

What to Wear to Welcome the Year of the Horse?

The first day of the Chinese New Year, according to Chinese tradition, should wear brand new clothing - from head to toe, as a symbol of change and the birth of a new year. On New Year's Eve regardless of the sign, it is recommended red and yellow clothes, because they symbolize happiness. So, red and yellow to welcome the Chinese New Year. Because of the symbolism of Green Horse, according to Chinese belief, during 2014. we need to combine elements of blue and green colors.

And do not forget that the horse has a sporting spirit and loves sports costume.

What Needs to Appear on the New Year's Table?

On Chinese New Year's holiday table is obligatory fish and the custom is - not to be eaten whole. Fish represents wealth, so that uneaten fish symbolizes abundance in the new year, respectively, means that it will always be enough food in the house for the whole family.

In addition, it permitted each quality food except horse meat. Green Wooden Horse does not like horse meat on the New Year's table. Such an act can irritate him. Much smarter choices are whole grains and green vegetables.

How to Decorate the House to Welcome the Year of the Horse?

Basic rules for Chinese New Year's Eve: All corners of the house must be cleaned, home decorate with red color, be merry and with your family.

Special rules for Chinese New Year's Eve 2014 - Year of the Horse: As we recognize that the dominant element of the 2014 Year of the Horse is wood, we need to decorate the house with wooden figures. Include the figure of a horse, of course. Add green color.

Best welcome the Year of the Horse is with a natural Christmas tree.

Best Gifts for 2014 Year?

Traditionally should give away red envelopes that contain money, according to the possibilities of the family. Then, the gifts packed in red paper or boxes.

For this year is also recommended gifts that are associated with horse. Naturally there is a green color, too. The best gift for 2014 year is a pendant in the sign of horse, or something like that.

2014 Year of the Horse - What to do?

As we said at the beginning of the story about the year of Horse - work, work and more work. The Horse loves success and gives it to all who are struggling. Competitive spirit, optimism and perseverance will facilitate our work.

If you are wondering: "Is there some time for love in the year of the Horse?" Of course there is. But you need to know that horse is faithful animal, so in the first place puts fidelity between partners. In 2014th year they will be the happiest of all other. In the 2014th we should be free to express our feelings and emotions.

Happy Chinese New Year 2014 - Year of the Wooden Horse

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