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2015 - Year of the Sheep

Year of the Green Wooden Sheep brings creation and the energy of the number 8

Year of the Sheep 2015Chinese New Year 2015 - Year of the Sheep begins on February 19, 2015 and ends on March 3, 2016. In fact, it is the date when begins Year of the Green Wooden Sheep, according to the Chinese calendar. In China this great celebration of the New Year is also called the Spring Festival.

Thus, in the interpretation of numerical and Chinese 2015, the creative side will be very pronounced. But, if the year ends on odd number (such as in this case - number 5) - then it is the Yin year. How according to tradition is considered. To further, the Yin is regarded as passive, negative and dark energy.

On the other hand, Sheep is the eighth sign of the Chinese zodiac. And the year 2015 is also marked by number 8 (2+0+1+5=8). The Chinese people also believe that the number 8 brings good blessings and prosperity. The number 8 is a symbol of social success and a prosperous career.

Now we are returning to the Year of the Sheep. Sheep is a sign that loves creativity and comfort. But for their creations it is often required loneliness, looking for complete concentration. Since the Sheep needs a lot of love and support, in 2015 should not be done anything without feeling. Any help from family and friends will be useful. Be alone while you're thinking, but it is good to work in the company.

Year of the Green Wooden Sheep brings the ability to realize your artistic fantasies. Yin energy of wood refers to humanity, freedom and democracy. Spheres associated with active communication and metaphysics will have success in the Year of the Sheep. These are: selling, trading, consulting, irrigation, logistics, tourism, transport, import-export, production of jewelry, as well as the field of dental medicine.

According to traditional beliefs year 2015 brings social prosperity. Within the home many people can improve relationships with his loved one. On the health level, in the Year of the Sheep should take care about the neck, liver, eyes, stomach and fingers.

How to Welcome the Chinese New Year of the Sheep 2015

What to Wear to Welcome the Year of the Sheep?

Red, green and woolen clothes are the best choice. Special recommendation is the red underwear.

What Needs to Appear on the New Year's Table?

Everything except sheep meat, of course. Green Wooden Sheep would be very angry if you served mutton on the New Year's table.

How to Decorate the House to Welcome the Year of the Sheep?

First of all, thoroughly clean a house. For the Year of the Sheep all the decorations in red and green are welcome.

Best Gifts for 2015 Year?

The best energy will bring cuddly gifts made of wood and wool.

2015 Year of the Sheep - What to do?

2015 Year of the Sheep has arrived! According to the Chinese beliefs, do not wash your hair in the first three days as that will wash away good luck. Also, do not clean a house in the first three days. During this year you need to be creative and active, because nothing will come by itself. But, everyone who is willing for diligently work, will have a big chance for progress.

The energy of the number 8 also says that people will be too overconfident and cheeky, so try to find a best way to protect yourself and others.

We hope that our tips will bring good luck in the next year!

Happy Chinese New Year 2015 - Year of the Green Wooden Sheep


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