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2013 - Year of the Snake

Water Snake gives harmony, good marriage and healthy children

Year of the SnakeChinese New Year 2013 (according to the Chinese Zodiac) Year of the Snake begins on February 10, 2013 and ends on January 30, 2014.

What brings the Year of the Snake?

2013, Year of the Snake brings fireworks of passions and emotions, unexpected situations and sudden changes. It is a period of serene wisdom and rationalism. Water Snake gives harmony, good marriage and healthy children.

As a rule, in the year of the Snake there's a chance for favorable change in business with better salary and status, for each sign. This year is very good for the partnership agreements and contracts.

Year of the Snake brings joy and happiness for people in love.

Now let's see what we need to do in order to win the sympathy of Water Snake. Here are some suggestions for the celebration of Chinese New Year 2013.

How to decorate the house to welcome the Year of the Snake?

First of all, clean the whole house. Water Snake likes moist environments, so it is necessary to clean the bathroom, especially. We need to wipe the floors with a damp cloth, because the water will remove the negative energy from the house.

Now, how to decorate your home? You must know that Snake is an aristocrat in Chinese horoscope. Therefore, the home should be decorated very elegantly. Snake adores classic and tradition. Therefore, we must choose luxurious items and antiques and classical decor. Place the porcelain and crystal on the table. And do not forget silver.

To welcome the Year of the Snake you can decorate the Christmas tree with one color. Then, the primary colors of the year of the Water Snake are black, gray, navy, blue and green. But, Snake likes and glittering gold and silver shades.

What needs to appear on the New Year's menu?

To welcome the Chinese New Year 2013, on the table we need to have few kinds of meat, but do not need to be excluded fish and seafood. Snake likes eggs, so we can make various salads of eggs.

Since snake living in the forest, the New Year's menu should be plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

New Year's Eve dining table should have good wines and champagne, as well as soft drinks. But, do not forget the water.

What to wear to welcome the Year of the Snake?

The most important thing to remember is that the Snake loves gold and silver. So, New Years dress should be glossy. Also, you can wear the dress in black, gray, navy, blue or green color. But make sure to include silver and gold ornaments.

One very important information. We should not wear anything that is made of genuine snakeskin. This might angered the Snake.

Another important thing, Snake likes long nails and shoes on high heels. On Chinese New Year make some classic hairstyle.

Best gifts for 2013 Year of the Snake?

The best gift for Chinese New Year 2013 will be a talisman, jewelry, decorative item or clothes. But, really the best gift for the upcoming Year of the Snake, will be gifts associated with snake. The best choice is a figure or talisman of snake, bracelet in the form of snake.

Also, snake can be located on T-shirt, wallet, cup, pen, fridge magnet, pendants ring... This will certainly bring success to every person who believes in it.

What to do at midnight on New Year's Eve?

A few minutes before midnight, in mind we need to thank the Year of the Dragon and remember all good things that have happened to us in 2012. At midnight, in mind, we need to go into the future, good and prosperity.

According to Chinese Feng Shui and Chinese tradition, to welcome Chinese New Year we need to open every door and window at midnight. In this way, the old year goes and the New Year comes with happiness.

What we need to do in the 2013 Year of the Snake?

Year of the Snake begins on February 10, 2013 and ends on January 30, 2014. Snake appreciates tranquility and peace. Especially harmony in the family. Therefore, this year should be given to family. The most important thing is to ensure peace in the home and family.

Similarly, the Snake does not like spenders and prodigals. So, in the Year of the Snake we need to collect money for the big and important things. Snake likes material wealth, and therefore will help us to strengthen financial stability.

Snake does not like lazy and dirty people, but appreciates a comfortable atmosphere. Create a pleasant atmosphere for the whole year and Snake will be happy. In return, you will be rewarded.

Happy Chinese New Year - 2013 Year of the Water Snake

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