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Compatibility and Characteristics

RatChinese Zodiac Sign Rat

Element: Water
Compatibility: Rat is compatible with Dragon and Monkey
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Rat are adaptable, intelligent, clever, charming, funny, charming, sociable, capable, dangerous, sociable and good friend
Season: Winter

OxChinese Zodiac Sign Ox

Element: Earth
Compatibility: Ox is compatible with Rooster and Snake
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Ox are stubborn, reliable, loyal, strong, reasonable, honest, responsible, modest
Season: Winter

TigerChinese Zodiac Sign Tiger

Element: Wood
Compatibility: Tiger is compatible with Horse and Dog
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Tiger are authoritative, leadership, ambitious, determined, highly seductive, confidence, courageous, warm-hearted, moody
Season: Winter

RabbitChinese Zodiac Sign Rabbit

Element: Wood
Compatibility: Rabbit is compatible with Sheep and Boar
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Rabbit are sociable, diplomatic, trustworthy, compassionate, popular, empathic, sincere, modest
Season: Spring

DragonChinese Zodiac Sign Dragon

Element: Earth
Compatibility: Dragon is compatible with Rat and Monkey
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Dragon are energetic, warm-hearted, flexible, lucky, imaginative, eccentric, spiritual, charismatic
Season: Spring

SnakeChinese Zodiac Sign Snake

Element: Fire
Compatibility: Snake is compatible with Ox and Rooster
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Snake are intelligent, smart, intuitive, organized, philosophical, elegant, seductive, analytical and good with money
Season: Spring

HorseChinese Zodiac Sign Horse

Element: Fire
Compatibility: Horse is compatible with Dog and Tiger
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Horse are strong, energetic, loyal, adaptable, intelligent, ambitious, adventurous and they enjoy traveling
Season: Summer

SheepChinese Zodiac Sign Sheep

Element: Earth
Compatibility: Sheep is compatible with Rabbit and Boar
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Sheep are charming, elegant, warm, intuitive, creative, sensitive, calm, wanderers, unorganized
Season: Summer

MonkeyChinese Zodiac Sign Monkey

Element: Metal
Compatibility: Monkey is compatible with Rat and Dragon
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Monkey are bright, lucky, smart, energetic, adaptable, lively, upbeat, charming
Season: Summer

RoosterChinese Zodiac Sign Rooster

Element: Metal
Compatibility: Rooster is compatible with Snake and Ox
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Rooster are flexible, practical, analytical, honest, flamboyant, intelligent, energetic, confident, perfectionists
Season: Summer

DogChinese Zodiac Sign Dog

Element: Earth
Compatibility: Dog is compatible with Tiger and Horse
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Dog are sensitive, smart, temperamental, loyal, courageous, sociable, lively, adaptable, distrustful
Season: Fall

BoarChinese Zodiac Sign Boar

Element: Water
Compatibility: Boar is compatible with Sheep and Rabbit
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Boar are extremely nice, exclusive, intelligent, sociable, optimistic, sincere, philanthropic, honorable
Season: Fall

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