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Coffee Reading Symbols

Coffee ReadingsHow to Read Turkish Coffee

1. As you know, Turkish coffee is perfect for coffee readings.

2. For coffee readings you need a strong Turkish coffee, without sugar, milk or other additives!

3. Drink hot coffee and hold cup in your right hand.

4. Finally, turn the cup using the left hand.

5. Allow to drain, for at least 10 minutes and do not be impatient.

6. Now, look into the coffee cup and read the symbols that are formed in a cup.

7. To become a good reader of coffee symbols, you need: good intuition, good knowledge of coffee symbols and of course, good vision and a lot of time.

8. Pay attention to the size of symbols. Large symbols must attach greater importance than the small and barely visible symbols.

9. Symbols that are located near the handle represents events that will happen in the house of the person.

10. Symbols that are located left of the handle represents the past, and symbols located right of the handle represents the future.

11. Logically connect the meaning of the symbols that you can see in a cup of coffee.

12. Days that are ideal for coffee readings are Tuesday and Friday, until Sunday and holidays are not suitable.

13. For symbols that are not appear on this list you have to use your intuitive abilities.

* Now, enjoy a coffee reading symbols:

Acorn - success
Anchor - stability in love or business
Angel - good news
Ant - hard work will end successfully
Apple - business success, abundance
Arrows - bad news
Baby - new life or small, but serious worries
Bag - earnings and money
Bagpipe - disappointment
Bear - strength
Bell - unexpected news
Bird - good news
Bowl - money or magnanimity
Bridge - there are some obstacles to success that can be bridged
Building - relocation
Butterfly - happiness or instability
Cabbage - jealousy and complications at work
Camel - fast, nice news
Cancer - the enemy
Cap - the trouble coming, be careful
Car - good luck
Castle - disappointment, conciliation with the situation
Chair - unexpected guest
Cherry - happiness at work
Circle - success, wedding, baby
Claw - the hidden enemy
Clover (four leaf) - good luck
Clown - fun, meet friends, beware of possible trouble
Coach - disappointment
Comet - an unexpected visitor
Cop - the secret enemy
Crocodile - misfortune, or cold in some relationships
Cross - sacrifice, troubles with health
Crown - great fame, success
Cup - good job
Devil - bad hint, dissatisfaction
Dog - good friend
Dragon - power, the fulfillment of desire
Duck - the money that you expect already on the way
Eagle - a big change for the better
Egg - progress, a great success
Elephant - success with delay
Engine - news will arrive soon
Fish - good luck in all jobs
Five stars together - success without satisfaction;
Flowers - fulfillment of the wishes
Food - success in activities related to art, which is higher, the greater success
Fox - insincere friend
Frog - success through change of residence, an apartment or a job change
Fruit - progress
Glass - celebrations or some social events
Gondola - travel, romance
Goose - finding good solutions
Gun - danger or voice
Hand - friendship
Harp - love and romance
Horse - good news or new romance
House - security
Iceberg - danger
Jeep - a great success in business
Jockey - speculation
Kangaroo - peace and happiness in the house
Key - you can open up new possibilities
King - incredible strength, power, success
Knife - disconnect, divorce
Leo - influential friends
Leopard - news from the path of another place
Letter - birth, beginning
Lily - happiness, long life
Lines - a long journey, progress, success
Lock - open: surprise, closed: worries
Mask - fraud
Monkey - someone will try to trick you
Mountains - a great ambition
Mushroom - success and rapid growth
Nails - injustice, dissatisfaction
Nurse or Paramedic - illness, going into hospital
Oak - success, fame
Octopus - the risk
Owl - scandal or mistake
Package - surprise
Paddle - low care, someone will help you to overcome
Palm - wealth, success, fame, happiness in love
Pear - comfort, money success
People - visitors
Pine - an important event in the winter
Profile - a new friend
Rabbit - shyness or speed
Raven - bad news
Riders - flash news
Rod - visitor
Rose - popularity
Sea shell - good news, happiness
Seven stars - grief, sadness
Sheep - happiness
Ship - a successful journey
Shoes - journey
Snake - an enemy
Spider - money will arrive
Spoon - generosity
Stars - good health, good luck, happiness
Steps - detection
Stick - a visitor
Stones - the difficulty
Sun - happiness, success, power
Table - the letter will bring you great news
Telescope - adventure
Tower - the financial welfare of the wedding
Tree - a change for the better fulfillment of ambitions
Two rings - wedding
Umbrella - good protection or new love
Violin - selfishness
Volcano - your emotions are out of control
Waterfall - success
Wings - the message
Wolf - jealousy, selfishness
Woman - pleasure

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