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Superstitions about Death and Funerals

Superstitions about Death and FuneralsOne day all of us will die, and many of us believe in some sort of afterlife. Does the death and funeral says something about our previous or future life, will remain an eternal mystery. However, there are various superstitions on this subject. There are different beliefs, from nation to nation. First, let's see the old beliefs about life after death.

Many tribes in the area of the Sahara believe that the souls of the dead after death, remain on earth to help and advise their family members. It depends on the method of caring for their skull. If the family takes care of the deceased's skull, the whole family will be fine. If something bad happens to the skull, the family will face a hard time (disease, infertility, death ...).

Ancient Egyptians believed that the afterlife depends on funeral. Because the bodies were mummified and richly edited tomb. Mummification was the most important thing in the way of God and a beautiful afterlife. So the funeral of each pharaoh was very expensive. The funeral of the Pharaohs lasted 17 days, and after that, the deceased were buried in the tomb that is acceptable to Gods. And those who could not afford expensive funeral, had to spend eternity in oblivion.

Once upon a time in Persia, existed a belief in the Chinvat Bridge. Where will you spend the afterlife depends only on whether you will be able to cross the Chinvat Bridge. Those who cross the Chinvat Bridge, will spend eternity in heaven, and sit on a golden chair in the house of music. Everyone who falls from the bridge, fall into hell. But, each person has a different bridge. For those who were good person, the bridge is wide, and for those who were not good, the bridge is narrow. And that's not all. Good person will have a companion to assist. Bad person will have a barking dog on the bridge, who trying to push them off the Chinvat Bridge.

The Aztecs and their beliefs about death. The Aztecs believed that there are three different life after death, one like hell - Mictlan and two beautiful places - Tlalocan and Tonatiuh. And, everything depends on the way in which you die. So, in the space of hell - Mictlan, are going those who die from old age, sickness and the like. Those who end up in a beautiful place of eternal spring - Tlalocan must die from lightning strikes or drowning. And at the end, is particularly heavenly place for selected, where governments Sun God - Tonatiuh. This special heaven is reserved for warriors and martyrs who died in the name of the Sun God, and women who died in childbirth. Thus, pregnant women were respected as much as warriors.

Now here's a modern beliefs and superstitions about death and funerals:

- The best persons are dying young.

- When a baby die, it becomes an angel.

- Good persons die on Sunday.

- Grave of good person is covered with flowers.

- Grave of bad and evil person is covered with weeds.

- Rain at the funeral, means that the decedent grieves for life.

- When in one street, 2 people die in one year, it means that it will die and third one.

- Also, when in one house, 2 people die in one year, it means that it will die and third one.

- When the decedent at the funeral has a mouth like a smile, it means that another person from the family will die soon.

- Pregnant women should not go to the funerals.

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