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Dream Symbolism

Dream SymbolismSince the beginning of time all nations have attached particular importance to dreams and dream symbolism. So, all nations have the belief that dreams predict future and events. In many legends and folk songs, we can often find the symbolism of dreams. After an interesting dream, everybody (at least the second), asked, what would this dream could mean?

Dreams and dream symbolism are interpreted in many different ways throughout the world. However, many symbols have the same or similar meaning.

The basic division of dreams, as a symbol of future events, is night dreams and day dreams. Symbolism of night dreams is usually related to the distant future. Symbolism of day dreams is related to the near future. Some nations, however, believe that the only night dreams have a symbolic meaning, while day dreams have no meaning.

Some suggest a belief that dreams are just clearing the brain of excess information.

What we really want to know about dreams? Probably, what is the symbolism of our dreams.

So, here are frequently asked questions about dreams and their symbols.

Interpreting and Symbolism of Dreams


ACORN - pleasant things
ANGELS - happiness, success, protection, rewarding friendships
BABY - innocence, new beginnings, new and fun friends
BALLOON - a dashing of hope
BIRDS - flying birds are a sign of prosperity
BIRTH - a sign of death
BUTTERFLY - prosperity
CATS - misfortune, treachery
CHILDREN - male child - a good sign; female child - a bad sign

CROWN - change in life, travel, new relationships
DEATH - a sign of a birth
DANCING - unexpected good fortune
DIAMONDS - great honor usually from high places
DOG - good friends
DRIVING - be careful with money
FLOWERS - wish fulfillment
GARDEN - happiness, prosperity, comfort, true love
GO DOWNHILL - the failure
GO UPHILL - success
HONEY - eating honey is a sign of wealth and love
JAIL - feelings of confinement and suffocation
KEYS - unexpected change
LETTER - your friend will arrive soon
LIGHTS - you will find the solution or the answer to a problem
MAGIC - unexpected changes
MARRIAGE - illness or a death in the family
MOUNTAIN - Success
MICE - business troubles
OAK TREE - long life and prosperity
ROSE - wedding in the family
SNAKES - you have enemies
SPIDER - good luck
TEETH - false teeth - unexpected help; teeth falling out - the loss of a loved one
TREE - success
TRUMPET - the voice of someone or something
WATER - clear water - good luck, pleasant news; muddy water - sadness, inconvenience

Finally, do not forget that all dreams are very personal experiences, so it has personal symbolism...

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