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Egyptian Superstitions

Egyptian SuperstitionsThe most famous superstition in Egypt is that evil people can throw a spell on someone. It can cause illness or other misfortune.

In contrast, figure blue eyes, blue bead and a human hand provide some protection from the evil eye. So you need always carry them with you.

Blue Turquoise can protect you against bad luck, so you should dress clothes in that color.

In order to preserve the baby from the evil eye does not need to bathe baby first two weeks. This is superstitious belief of ancient Egyptians.

Also, ancient Egyptians believed that the sudden awakening is not good. Because the soul can be separate from the body and remains in another world.

Ancient Egyptian superstition talking about cats that a cat has nine lives. The Egyptians cats considered sacred animals.

Owl is a bird that brings bad news for the one who sees or hears this bird.

If a Egyptian woman wants to make a very tasty meal, before cooking should throw some salt over her shoulder.

It is bad luck if you leave open scissors.

And, never live pair of shoes upside down, according to Egyptian superstitious belief.

It will be all the superstitious beliefs from Egypt from my collection.

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