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Energy Pyramid

What is the Energy Pyramid?

Energy PyramidThe energy pyramid is a model of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which can be made at home.

Energy pyramid has a specific and positive effect on everything that is inside it. When we put in it the seed of a plant it will quickly bear fruit, and fruit will be larger. Foods that are staying in the center of the energy pyramid is healthier for us. The same applies to water, and so on...

According to many historians, the ancient pyramids have not been only tombs of the pharaohs, but the objects that were aimed at gathering and broadcasting of cosmic energy.

How to Make Energy Pyramid at Home?

For energy pyramid you can choose paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, glass and similar materials. Your pyramid can be of any size, but you must take into account the proportions. As a basic model take the Great Pyramid of Giza, as we said.

- Height of energy pyramid is (h)

- Length of the base is (a)

- Length of the side is (s)

Choose h for your energy pyramid, and then calculate other parameters, in this way:

a = h x 1.5708

s = h x 1,4949

Here are some examples:

h = 3
a = 4,71
s = 4,48
h = 10
a = 15,7
s = 14,94
h = 15
a = 23,56
s = 22,41
h = 90
a = 141,37
s = 134,51

h = 100
a = 157,08
s = 149,46

Now you can start building your energy pyramid. When it is finished you need to set up it in the north-south direction, and pyramid is ready for use and experimentation.

You need to know that focal point of pyramid energy is on 1/3 of height, so try to place your objects at that height. The basic rule is: smaller pyramid - less energy, larger pyramid - higher energy.

Best of luck!

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