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The Evil Eye

Evil EyeWhat is the evil eye? Always there were people who are trying to influence the fate and flux of natural forces with the help of secret power, witchcraft, spells, magical potions and working of miracles. The evil eye is a kind of negative magic that can seriously bring harm to others.

This type of magic really exists but we usually do not want to believe in it. And it's very good for us. At the end of the article you'll find out why.

Evil eye is a kind of black magic that is transmitted on victim overlooking. More precisely, by gazing negative energy and negative thoughts are transferred or transmitted to the targeted person.

Evil Eye can be used consciously and unconsciously, so someone is not consciously aware of, that someone suffered damage because of his eye. In any case, the evil eye adversely affects human destiny, destroys body and soul, destroys marriage and family and causes severe consequences. Records of that stretch back to ancient cultures and religions.

There is a belief that blue eyes are the most dangerous. Behind them the green, and only then brown and black. Thus, some men and women possess the power to overlooking, or only by their presence inflict harm to other people or to their sheep and cattle, grain and fruit trees, and to all types of property, no matter what and how great it is. This usually happens when someone is jealous and envious of something that you have while he does not.

On the evil eye are especially sensitive babies and young animals and plants. So they need to be keep away from evil people.

For centuries it has been believed that there are people who with their views may cause disease, destruction of property or even death. The ancients say that there is no cure if some cast an evil eye on you, but there is a protection. This superstition about evil eye was most prevalent in Eastern countries, such as Turkey and Egypt.

In these countries, even today, one can buy a multitude of talismans against the evil eye. They believe that the talisman in the form of blue eye is the best protection against the evil eye and spells at all. So many tourists can return to their homes with a really useful souvenir.

In some other countries there is a belief that red thread is excellent protection against the evil eye, too. Or even just the red color. Because of this many babies have a red thread around his wrist.

And one another thing, there is a saying: "The one who does not believe in the evil eye, has the best protection against it." For this we do not need even a little bit of money, but we need a strong spiritual power.

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