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Facts About Fairies

What is a Fairy?

Facts About FairiesFairy represents the feminine part of your consciousness, which contains all the best traits that female energy can have. Fairy is located in the age when a child becomes a girl, but has not yet become a woman.

Unlike the Inner Child who is carefree, full of joy and freedom, Fairy contains a bundle of lot calmer, but deeper emotions. In this spirit there is a certain melancholy note and a slight sadness because of growing childhood. Fairy knows that in the future life will not always be soft and gentle. However, a Fairy is fully exempt of any tension. If we are looking for another name for her, then it would be - Big Sister.

How does Fairy Acts?

Everything that Inner Child can not heal, all diseases that are outside the domain of its energy, Fairy will heal. She as a gentle, reaches into the depths of your being and clean even those earliest and most painful traumas. Her love has never intrusive character. Therefore, spread your arms and gently accept her in the hug. Let her love, kindness, nobility and compassion to touched the most hidden corner of your being.

Love her because she (unlike Internal Child) does not require a lot of love. Be careful with her, because she is perhaps the most valuable part of your being. Fairy usually does not require anything, but so much provides you.

If you completely forget about your Fairy, even then she will not get angry. She will simply sink into a deep sleep, waiting for the recall.

Some Other Facts About Fairies

The Fairies are imagined as very beautiful and slender girls with long hair. Hair color is usually a blue or reddish, sometimes gold.

Fairies are primarily, supernatural beings and they have magical powers. There is a belief that their power is in their long hair. Fairies wear white dresses and live in the mountains and near rivers. They love animals and nature and protect the people who are similar to them.

Some people have Fairies as their spiritual guides. However, Fairies can be very vindictive when someone hurt them, either consciously or unconsciously.

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