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Feng Shui colors have a strong influence on people. Feng Shui colors will make your day nice or bad. Also, your home can be positive or negative place for living. Here is some basic knowledge of Feng Shui colors.

According to Chinese Feng Shui:

ROSE - is the color of romance
RED - the color of vitality
PURPLE - color of passion and money
YELLOW - color of wisdom and happiness
ORANGE - color of change and power
GREEN - color of growth, innovation and openness
BLUE - color for peace and relaxation
WHITE - color of purity and innocence
GRAY - color for business
BROWN - presence of mind, grounding and depth
BLACK - color of wealth, strength and unpredictability

Well, if you want to relax, wear something blue. If you want to feel happy, wear something yellow. If you want to attract money, put some purple paper (like money), in the wallet. Use the colors and imagination, to help yourself and the positive results will come.

Feng Shui colors for home

Feng Shui colorsAccording to feng shui apartment or house is divided into nine areas. Bad colors in the same areas, especially in bedroom and in front of the living room, can have a very bad influence on you and your life. If you give a positive color in your home, you can improve your whole life, like your relationship with people, family, love, prosperity, harmony and health.

So take Feng Shui colors for home to restore the happiness, health and love in your life. This will happen even if you do not believe in it.

How to use Feng Shui colors to improve the mood and make a positive atmosphere? First of all, look where are your front door. Then you see in the picture, nine areas. Each area represents a particular sphere of your life (abundance, health, love, career, family...). If you want to improve the love, put something pink in the field of love. If you want to improve the career, put something black in the field of career. And so on...

Feng shui colors for home are used to stimulate and enhance all the positive energy, even though you do not see it.

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