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Friday the 13th superstitions

Friday the 13th superstitionsWhy there is great fear connected to the Friday the 13th. Indeed, why?

Well, this site was born exactly on Friday 13th, August 2010. One superstition says that Friday the 13th is good and happy day for all good men. So we'll see.

However, most people on this day do not want to do anything. Therefore, on Friday 13th, large financial losses can be caused. And that is really happening.

Maybe, this all happens because history says that Cain killed Able just on this day. Also, 13 guests were at Last Supper when Judas betrayed Jesus. Jesus was crucified on Friday 13th. Probably, big number of superstitions about this day originates from historical events.

Now let's see that list.

Let us see what superstitions about Friday the 13th say

- It is not good to be born on Friday the 13th because it means bad luck for life.

- It is not good on that day, change your bed because you will have bad dreams.

- Also one superstition says, the one who pass a funeral procession on this day will die tomorrow.

- On Friday the 13th, do not cut your hair, because a family member will die.

- Also, do not cut your nails on that day, it will be followed by bad luck.

- Do not start a new job or business on Friday the 13th, it will be followed by collapse or bankrupt.

- Do not start traveling on this day, only problems can occur.

- Also, ships should not be allowed to set sailing because it can sink into the sea.

- At the end, do not consult the astrologer on Friday the 13th, because of superstitions.

- Another note, tarot card number 13 means death.

So, take care about Friday 13th. It is recommended to go for a sleep or going out into nature. Sometimes is not bad to be superstitious in a small amount.

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