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Halloween Superstitions and Beliefs

Halloween Superstitions and BeliefsHalloween is a great holiday in North America which is related to many superstitious stories. In addition, it is celebrated in many countries around the world. For those who do not know, Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31st.

This holiday originates from the ancient Celtic people. They believed that it is the end of "season of the sun" and the start of "season of darkness". Since ancient times, there is a belief that Halloween is a day when the dead can return to this world. The Celtic people also believed that it is the day when evil spirits visit the earth. In addition, there are plenty of superstitions and beliefs about Halloween, so here's the list of most popular halloween superstitions.

1* If you want to drive away evil spirits, you need to ring a bell on Halloween night.

2* Also, walking three times backwards around your home before the sun set, keep away evil spirits.

3* It is not good to travel on Halloween night.

4* Holy Bread (a piece of bread crossed with salt), will protect you from evil spirits if you bring it with you in the Halloween night.

5* One superstition says that if you hear a some footsteps behind you on Halloween night, do not look back. This may be the soul of the dead person and then you can die too.

6* It is not a good sign if the flame on a candle becomes blue or goes out on Halloween night. This means that there is a spirit in the house.

7* If someone sees a spider on All Hallows Eve, it can be the soul of the dead person from his family.

8* Now halloween superstitions about owls. Owl eats the souls. Who hears the owl on Halloween night, they should to turn their pockets inside out and then there is no danger.

9* It is also not a good sign if a bat flies around the house three times, according to the old belief about Halloween. This means that someone will die soon.

10* Never go hunting on All Hallows Eve because you can hurt and make angry some evil spirit.

11* If you put an apple under your pillow on Halloween night, you will dream your future husband.

12* There is also a superstition, if you put a silver sixpence and a sprig of rosemary under your pillow on Halloween night, you will dream your husband.

13* Now one interesting superstition related to Halloween. If you put your clothes on inside out and walked backwards on the midnight of Halloween, you'll see a witch that rides across the sky.

14* One belief says that a person born on Halloween is completely protected from evil spirits. Even that, that person can see and converse with ghosts. Another belief says that a person born on Halloween has a variety of supernatural powers.

15* Around the world related to Halloween superstitions - nuts, apples and candles are a symbols of magic charms.

16* Finally, the pumpkins and Halloween. In America there is a custom to put carved pumpkin in the window as protection against demons and evil spirits. Today, carved pumpkin is the most popular Halloween decoration in the world.

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