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Superstitions and Beliefs

Most of superstitions and beliefs has a distant myth. Although superstitions gives the impression of quite easy and simple thing, the truth is that most of superstitions and beliefs derive far away from the past. Not bad at least imagine a few of them because once upon a time many people were actually easier to qualify for the ban through various modes of life, than to explain why something is good work and some do not. Although, Chinese Feng Shui even has an explanation for these superstitious beliefs.

Even in my early age, I was strongly attracted with superstitions, beliefs and old wives' tales of ancient peoples. I am quite sure that I have remambered everything I have ever heard about this subject.

Superstitions and BeliefsOne day, on coffee break, I decided to write down all these old superstitions I have ever heard. The second day I decided to find out what are the beliefs of other people from around the world. Each housing etate has its good and bad guys, their experiences and stories which can be used as lessons of lives for others. Based on this experience I decided to find out what are the superstitions and believes of other people from around the world. Faced with the fact that many of these believes possess hidden meanings, their reasonable qualification is only possible with serious treatment of this. Many of these superstitions and beliefs have their hidden meaning and reasonable justification only if we think about them seriously. Everything that is written here belongs to the pure superstition: valuable aspect for historians, antropologists and ethnologists and this is the reason why it deserves to be preservated.

Here you can find various superstitions about money, journey, health, marriage, pregnancy, baby, children, Moon, Halloween, New Year, horoscope. Also old superstitions and beliefs about animals, black cats, plants, human relations...etc. And different superstitious stories that witches on coffee break could tell to us.

For someone, all these are just old wives' tales, but for those who believe it is the truth.

Generally speaking, this website has two different objectives. The first is to save the old superstitious beliefs and the other is to entertain and stimulate readers to think about the time that has passed or somewhere still going on.

At the beginning, I'll post a superstitions of the European nations, then the Chinese superstitions, Feng Shui and so on...

Enjoyable time and thanks for visiting website

Facts About Fairies

Facts About FairiesWhat is a Fairy? Fairy represents the feminine part of your consciousness, which contains all the best traits that female energy can have. Fairy is located in the age when a child becomes a girl, but has not yet become a woman.

Unlike the Inner Child who is carefree, full of joy and freedom, Fairy contains a bundle of lot calmer, but deeper emotions. Read more

Coffee Reading Symbols

Coffee ReadingsHow to Read Turkish Coffee?

1. As you know, Turkish coffee is perfect for coffee readings.
2. For coffee readings you need a strong Turkish coffee, without sugar,
milk or other additives!
3. Drink hot coffee and hold cup in your right hand.
4. Finally, turn the cup using the left hand.
5. Allow to drain, for at least 10 minutes and do not be impatient. Read more

Dream Symbolism

Dream SymbolismSince the beginning of time all nations have attached particular importance to dreams and dream symbolism. So, all nations have the belief that dreams predict future and events. In many legends and folk songs, we can often find the symbolism of dreams. After an interesting dream, everybody (at least the second), asked, what would this dream could mean?

Dreams and dream symbolism are interpreted in many different ways throughout the world. However, many symbols have the same or similar meaning.Read more

The Evil Eye

Evil EyeWhat is the evil eye? Always there were people who are trying to influence the fate and flux of natural forces with the help of secret power, witchcraft, spells, magical potions and working of miracles. The evil eye is a kind of negative magic that can seriously bring harm to others.

This type of magic really exists but we usually do not want to believe in it. And it's very good for us. At the end of the article you'll find out why. Read more

Tarot Cards Meanings

Tarot Cards MeaningsTarot Card Reading for Beginners including Upright and Reversed Card Meanings

Everyone who wants to learn to read Tarot needs to know a basic rule in a Tarot Cards Reading:

1. When a some Tarot Card is upright, its energy is free to reflect
2. When a some Tarot Card is reversed, its energy is blocked
3. In this way, each Tarot Cards symbolize specific keywords Read more

Runes and Meanings

Runes and MeaningsGermanic alphabet (Futhark), consisting of signs that are called runes. The runic alphabet is composed of straight lines and each rune has its own meaning. The runes are usually engraving on natural and hard surfaces such as wood, stone, metal, bone...

The ancient runes were used for the protection, divination and fortune telling. So, here is a basic knowledge about the meaning of the runes. There are 24 runes and each has its own symbol, name, meaning and magic use.Read more

Halloween Superstitions and Beliefs

Halloween Superstitions and BeliefsHalloween is a great holiday in North America which is related to many superstitious stories. In addition, it is celebrated in many countries around the world. For those who do not know, Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31st.

This holiday originates from the ancient Celtic people. They believed that it is the end of "season of the sun" and the start of "season of darkness". Since ancient times, there is a belief that Halloween is a day when the dead can return to this world. Read more

Philippines Beliefs and Superstitions

Philippines Beliefs and SuperstitionsWhen you see the first star in the evening, you wish something nice.

All odd numbers are lucky numbers, especially number 7.

You'll have luck if, the snake cross your path.

You'll have luck if, someone gifts to you a jade stone. Read more

Wedding Superstitions

Wedding Superstitions1. Leap Year is not good for the wedding.

2. Saturday is a very bad day for a wedding.

3. The best day for a wedding is Sunday.

4. May is not a good month for weddings, especially 14th May. Read more

Pregnancy Superstitions

Superstitions about pregnancyHere is most popular superstitious stories about pregnancy from Europe:

1* The first three months pregnant woman should not speak to anyone that she is pregnant.

2* Boy or girl superstition. The woman is pregnant with male child if she:
- feels difficulties on the right side of her body,
- likes to eat wild animals and dry food,
- if attentively listen to stories about military actions,
- if extends more right than left leg. Read more

Baby Superstitions

Baby superstitionsMost popular superstition stories about baby from Europe:

First and most importantly superstition says: it is not good to buy any items for the baby before it is born.

Next, after the birth of the baby, first forty days, mother and baby should not leave the house.

When a baby is born, it should not pass the lie to the left, because it will be funnel all their lives. Read more

Superstitions of the Moon

Superstitions of the MoonFirst of all here is old superstition about the Moon and money. The Moon is made of silver, so when you see the new Moon, hit the pocket or wallet, for a lot of money.

Full Moon is good to start a new job, and to finish old business.

During the full Moon, should stay away from an altercation with neighbors because they can cause lasting effects and serious problems. Read more

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chinese Zodiac SignsChinese Zodiac Sign Dragon

Element: Earth
Compatibility: Dragon is compatible with Rat and Monkey
Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Dragon are energetic, warm-hearted, flexible, lucky, imaginative, eccentric, spiritual, charismatic
Season: SpringRead more

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