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Irish Superstitions and Beliefs

Irish Believing in Ghosts

Irish Superstitions and BeliefsIrish people are known to believe in the existence of ghosts. So that in Ireland there are many superstitious tales of ghosts who have occupied some positions. Typically, this is a castle, house, or tree. There is a belief that a person who dies suddenly, after his death stay in the form of ghost in this world.

Irish people also believe that ghost may take the form of animals like a butterfly, black dog, black cat, even a rabbit.

The ghost can be good or bad. According to Irish superstition, ghosts should be treated with respect and then they will not create any problems. Otherwise, they will disturb all those who are in their immediate vicinity.

At the end of the story, the ghost usually goes away when he finishes the job and finds his peace.

Irish Believing in Fairies

Irish people believe in the existence of fairies. The fairies are supernatural beings who love music and nature. In addition, they are extremely beautiful creatures that look like nice, beautiful and young girls with long hair. In essence, these are good beings, but gathering place for Irish fairies no one should be touching. Otherwise, you can really get hurt, become sick, and the like. The Irish believe that fairies have their own paths and it is not good to build a house on a fairy path. Otherwise, the whole family can be sick and miserable.

Irish superstitions and beliefs about fairies are described in many ancient stories which are still remembered and retold.

List of Other Irish Superstitions

First of all one old and terrifying Irish superstition about dead hand. Believed or not, in Ireland there is a belief that the dead hand can be a cure for all diseases. In this case, it is necessary to put the hand of the dead on the sick person.

Hand of seventh son can be a cure for rabies.

Then, a sick person would have to lie in bed placed north and south to be healed quickly.

Irish people believe that the ebb tide may be a cure for fever. The ebb tide carries away a fever if the ill person sit on the shore when the flood tide comes in and waits for the ebb tide.

Who wash his face with a May morning dew they will be beautiful and healthy throughout the year.

Old Irish belief also says, that one should not marry in May. This is not a good month to start a marriage.

It's not a good idea to turn off the light while people are at supper, because some of them may die that year.

It is not a good sign if the magpies come to someone's door. Because it is a bird which announces the death.

Never kill a robin redbreast, because you will also kill your luck for the rest of your life.

Irish people believe that handing someone a knife is bad luck. Instead, put the knife on the table, and then someone else can pick it up without any problems.

Who carry a four-leaf clover, it will be lucky and protected from black magic.

It's not good to give a lock of hair to your loved one.

At the end is not bad to remember that you will always win at cards, if you have one crooked pin in your coat, according to old Irish superstition.

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