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New Year's Superstitions

New Year SuperstitionsAround the world New Year's Eve is celebrated with different rituals, for a good luck and prosperity.

Each country has its own New Year's superstitions custom and traditions, especially prepared food, special clothes and decorating habits for house. Most people around the world adhere to these special New Year's Eve rituals, believing that it will bring them happiness and prosperity in the next year.

The Spanish people, for example, exactly at 12 o'clock, have the custom to eat 12 grains of grapes for happines of all 12 months in the year that comes.

Greek people eat specially prepared cake with a coin in it - this is for happines and good luck in the next year. The first piece of the pie is left for a baby Jesus, the second for a father of a house, and third for a home. If the coin is found in the third slice, the family can look forward the happiness throughout the whole year.

Germans can not imagine New Year's Eve without fireworks. Usually, they spend more than 100 millions of euros for the preparation of the New Year's fireworks. The superstition of making noise dates back to medieval times when people went hissing through the streets to disperse evil spirits. New Year's dinning table is also symbolic in Germany. The soup made out of lens or pork are symbols of prosperity, the fish on the table means a good future because we always swim forward.

British on the New Year's Eve afraid of who will be the first to come to be their guests, because, according to the superstitious beliefs, it shows how much happiness will be in the following year. If fist guest appear to be male and with gifts, British are happy; if the first visit is woman, they believe they will have no much luck that year. Traditional gifts are coal for fire, the bread for a table and a drink for a master's house. It is recommended that house or apartment have two doors, because happiness should enter through the front and out the back door. If you get more visitors, provide the first visitor to be with a gift. When the clock stikes precisely 12 o'clock, you need to open the front door and make a wish for a welcoming New Year and happiness that it brings.

Superstition for a peaceful year from Brazil. Brazilians wear white clothes on the New Year's Eve and if they want to fulfill their desires, they have to jump seven waves and throw flowers into the sea.

Americans superstition about New Year's Eve and giving a kiss at midnight: in the U.S.A. people wear masked balls that have been taken from history. According to tradition, masks are symbolizing evil spirits from old year and a kiss symbolize a new, good treatment in the New Year. Superstitions from Southern part of the United States says that the eating of black-eyed peas on New Year's Day will bring good luck, prosperity and money.

In some cities of Columbia, the family simbolically celebrate the departure of the old and arrival of the new year by having fun with a doll. Sometimes in dolls are packed firecrackers and the old things of the family that they do not need.

Filipino superstitions on New Year's Eve suggests: scatter coins all over the house and around the house to have money in the coming year. Than, on New Year's day do not spend your money.

On the New Year's Eve in China all doors are adorned with red colour because red symbolize happiness and joy. Although all families are preparing to celebrate New Year's Eve all knives from the house have to be hidden for 24 hours, to provide no one to be hurt and to keep family fortune undisturbed.

This is my list of superstitions about New Year's Eve from all over the world. No matter whether you believe it or not I wish you Happy New Year.

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