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Planet X and 2012 - Planet Nibiru

Does Planet X really exist? Why is Planet X associated with 2012? Is the planet Nibiru planet of aliens?

Planet X NibiruAre we in danger of Planet X? What will happen in 2012? Etc... These are very difficult questions and we will try to give some answers according to old beliefs and scientific studies.

First of all, the myth of Planet X, known as Planet Nibiru is thousands of years old. Actually, all the ancient peoples (Sumerians, Babylonians, Mayans, Incas, Egyptians...) believed in the existence of gods from the sky. According to ancient myths, the gods are occasionally descended to earth from the sky and then fly back to sky. In addition, there are ancient drawings of stone on which are images that look like space aircraft.

The oldest known civilization on the planet, the Sumerians, know about Planet X (Nibiru) 6000 years ago. They also called Nibiru the "Planet of the Crossing". Their king of the gods is also named Nibiru. The ancient Sumerians, had a very precise map of the galaxy. Each planet was exactly positioned as well as its size. Thus, Planet X is on the edge of our solar system. Interestingly, it enters into our solar system every 3600 years.

In Babylonian temples planet Nibiru is presented as a cross and signifies the supreme deity. Judging by that, they believed that Nibiru is the Planet of the Gods.

Many other ancient civilizations believed that Planet X (Nibiru) is inhabited by gods, or at least, more advanced civilization.

Ancient Egyptians in some writings about the end of the world, mention Planet X. They warned that in the future, still unknown Planet X could hit the Earth and cause a catastrophe.

The picture shows Planet X (Nibiru) in archaeological stone tablet. This stone tablet is 6000 years old.

Does Planet X is still unknown planet?

It seems that it is not unknown anymore. Recently, modern science has revealed the existence of a new large planet.

Is it Planet X? Very possible. Because, it is just on the edge of our solar system. This planet (Planet X) is about four times larger than Earth. The interesting thing is that the planet has an elliptical orbit and the opposite rotation around the axis of all the other planets. Planet X, also, enters our solar system every 3600 years. This should happen in 2012.

So there are to many fears that approaching Planet X could cause various disturbances and natural disasters on Earth. Some scientific circles even claim that Planet X will be seen in the sky already this year 2011, and will look like another Sun.

Some still believe that the planet Nibiru is inhabited by more advanced alien civilization, and that Nibiru is actually a large planet "spaceship".

Now here's a video clip about Planet X

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