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Runes and Meanings

* Generally about the Runes

Germanic alphabet (Futhark), consisting of signs that are called runes. The runic alphabet is composed of straight lines and each rune has its own meaning. The runes are usually engraving on natural and hard surfaces such as wood, stone, metal, bone...

The ancient runes were used for the protection, divination and fortune telling. So, here is a basic knowledge about the meaning of the runes. There are 24 runes and each has its own symbol, name, meaning and magic use.

* Runes and Meanings

Manaz - Man

Name of the rune: Manaz - Man
Meaning: Family, kinship ties and influence of society.
Magic use: To represent the influence of social environment.


Name of the rune: Gebo
Meaning: Friendship, marriage, pledge or donation.
Magic use: For strengthening of love relationships and fertility.

Antuz - Ansuz

Name of the rune: Antuz - Ansuz
Meaning: Wisdom, justice, reason, communication.
Magic use: To make proper and wise decisions.

Othila - Othel

Name of the rune: Othila - Othel
Meaning: Homeland, wealth, inheritance.
Magic use: To successfully complete the tasks and for the strengthening of property.


Name of the rune: Uruz
Meaning: Instinct, impulse, physical passion, sexuality.
Magic use: For strengthen the will and sexual energy.


Name of the rune: Perth
Meaning: Magic, rebirth, prophecy.
Magic use: For the help of magic, fertility and facilitate childbirth.

Nauthiz - Nied

Name of the rune: Nauthiz - Nied
Meaning: Patience, inner strength, duty.
Magic use: For the fulfillment of wishes.

Inguz - Ingu

Name of the rune: Inguz - Ingu
Meaning: Property, unity, protected home.
Magic use: For agriculture and life balance.

Eihwaz - Eoh

Name of the rune: Eihwaz - Eoh
Meaning: The struggle with personal fears, transformation.
Magic use: For the good changes.


Name of the rune: Algiz
Meaning: Support, defense, protection.
Magic use: For the protection and assistance in the hunt.


Name of the rune: Fehu
Meaning: Progress, money, business, spiritual wealth.
Magic use: To start a new business.


Name of the rune: Wunjo
Meaning: Glory, satisfaction, reward, joy, success.
Magic use: For the realization of the goals and success.


Name of the rune: Jera
Meaning: Change, harvest, twist.
Magic use: For the adoption of fertility and growth.

Kano - Kenaz

Name of the rune: Kano - Kenaz
Meaning: Creativity, inspiration, knowledge.
Magic use: For help in the inspiration and the elimination of fear.


Name of the rune: Teiwaz - Tir
Meaning: Conflict, injury, discipline.
Magic use: For the protection and heal wounds.


Name of the rune: Berkana
Meaning: Conception, birth child, rebirth.
Magic use: For treatment of infections and to help in the conception of a child.


Name of the rune: Ehvaz - Eh
Meaning: Movement, sudden changes.
Magic use: For support on the travel and to send the magic.


Name of the rune: Laguz - Lagu
Meaning: Subconscious, intuition, psychic ability.
Magic use: To help in the fight with fears and emotional stability.


Name of the rune: Halvaz - Hagelaz
Meaning: Sickness, suffering, sorrow, sudden misfortune.
Magic use: To remove the negative influences.


Name of the rune: Raido
Meaning: Destined challenge, the pursuit of our own being.
Magic use: To facilitate the changes.


Name of the rune: Thurisaz - Thorn
Meaning: Sacrifice for others, obsession, honor.
Magic use: For meditation and discipline.


Name of the rune: Dagaz
Meaning: Satisfaction, development, outcome.
Magic use: For making a good result.


Name of the rune: Isa
Meaning: Stagnation, slow down.
Magic use: To stop the operations and processes.


Name of the rune: Sowelu - Sigel - Sun
Meaning: Positive spirit, good energy, well-being.
Magic use: For strength and healing.

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