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Saint Valentine History and Legends

There are lots of stories about the history of Saint Valentine. Most of them are legends. This is really ancient history from the III century A.C., so let's see what the legends say about it. Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th.

Saint Valentine HistoryThe holiday called St. Valentine's Day or Saint Valentine is for those who are in love and it derives from the ancient Roman times. It is believed that this name is gained from the priest who lived in the III century A.C. This priest secretly got married the couples who are in love despite the prohibition of marriage by the Roman Emperor Claudius II.

According to history and some legends, the old Romans celebrated the God Lupercus, which was the protector of pastors and their herds from the numerous wolves. In the aim of the happily and rich love between those who shared love, the couple would be sprinkled with the blood of the sacrificed little capricorn. Other legends say that the St. Valentine's Day has the origin in the holiday that is dedicated to the Roman Goddess Juniona, the protector of the women and the marriage.

The legends say that during the holiday which is dedicated to the God Lupercus, the young boys have randomly taken the papers with the written names of young girls from the bags. It is believed that those girls which names are written on the papers are connected by the destiny to the guy which has taken the paper.

According to the other historical legends, in the Christian times, Saint Valentine was the priest who was convicted to death in Rome in the III century because of marriages of soldiers that have been taken in secret. The Emperor Claudius II prohibited marriage for young boys because it was believed that soldiers without marriage and children are better warriors than those who are married and who have children.

It is also believed that the Saint Valentine was killed because he helped the Christians to escape from the Roman prisons. One version of this legend says that one man have sent the first compliment to the guardian's daughter which had visited him periodically while he was in prison.

According to the other version of this legend, the guardian's daughter was blind and by favor of prayer of Valentine who was in prison and in love, the lost eye-sight returned to her. Also, the Valentine has received a lot of different gifts from children that he healed. On the wings of this, those who are in love send compliments to each other, flowers and the candies.

He was burned in February 14th 269 and not long after his death the people have claimed him as a saint. When the Christianity has embedded in the Rome, priesthood has decided to abolish pagan holiday previously dedicated to love which was called Lupercaly. Than it was moved one day early and this was coincided with the date of dispatch of the Saint Valentine.

Some other believe that celebrating of people who are in love has the origins in the Middle Age when actually starts the copulation of birds in February 14th. From this moment begins the habit of sending compliments.

Some historical legends claim that the Saint Valentine was the priest who had been respected by the girls with unrequited love. Just before he was executed by hanging, he fell in love with Sibinily who had organized his funeral after the execution.

It is also believed that the winegrowers go to see their vineyards on the day of Saint Valentine in February to water it with the wine in the aim to stimulate the yields at the end of the year. This is the origin of the holiday and the root of the belief in the Greek God Dionis or Bahus, the protector of the wineyards, wine, winegrowers and innkeeper.

Saint Valentine became the patron saint of lovers. In US Valentine's Day is celebrated with a nice dinner, songs, dance, by sending gifts, love letters, love emails... Do not forget, the red rose is a symbol of love through the history.

- St. Valentine's Day Superstitions and Beliefs

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