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Signs of Happiness

Signs of Happiness

Signs of happiness are all around us, we just have to identified it. In many nations there are beliefs about happiness. Therefore, if we know what is happening to us now, we may predict some events in the future. These are the signs that announce some future events (good or bad).

So, here we will presents some signs of happiness:

1. If you woke up with the song of birds - it is a sign that you will have a nice and successful day.

2. If you're dreamed a rainbow - it is a sign of happiness and fulfillment of desires.

3. See stork in flight - a sign of happiness and love in family life.

4. When a fly falls into a glass with a drink - unexpected happiness and money.

5. When your coffee spills from cup to saucer - you'll get unexpected money.

6. If a dog cross your road - it is a sign of a happy journey.

7. Wade in the mud - brings great happiness.

8. If you see lots of butterflies - in front of you is a happy day.

9. An odd number brings happiness.

10. If you found a four-leaf clover - you found a sign of happiness.

11. If you found a horseshoe - you can expect great happiness in the future.

12. Horseshoe from multicolored horse brings happiness without limits.

13. If you want to make your home full of positive energy, happiness and health - put a horseshoe above the door.

14. Seventh son - is especially lucky person.

15. A person with a space between the incisors in the upper jaw - have a happy and comfortable life.

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