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Super Moon and Japanese Earthquake

Whether the Japanese earthquake and tsunami caused Super Moon? What is a Super Moon?

On 19th March, 2011 the moon will look bigger and brighter than usual, because it will be the point at which the closest to our planet.

This phenomenon is known in astronomy as the perigee or Super Moon.

Super Moon


On 19th March, 2011 we will be able to observe moon with the naked eye. On that day the moon will be at about 356,577 miles from Earth at the closest point since 1992. year.

There is a belief that the Super Moon causes the natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, strong winds, etc. That's why a lot of people connected Super Moon with Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Also, they remind us that the Super Moon (moon perigee) 1955, 1974, 1992. and 2005. year coincided with an extreme storm. Six years ago the tsunami in Indonesia, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and 1974th the cyclone "Tracy" had destroyed the Australian city of Darwin.

Does Super Moon really predicts natural disasters?

Some scientists warn that the convergence of the moon really could disrupt the Earth's climate, cause earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Other astronomers, however argue that there is no evidence that this phenomenon is the announcement of disaster. "There will be no earthquake or volcanic eruption, except if it should have to come", said Willer Pit from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy, reports the London Telegraph.

So do not be afraid of Super Moon but enjoy in the beautiful scenery. It rarely can be seen.

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