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Baby superstitionsMost popular superstition stories about baby from Europe:

1* The first and the most important superstition says: it is not good to buy any item for the baby before it was born.

2* After the baby was born, first fourthy days mother and baby should not leave the house.

3* It is not good to place the baby to lie on the left side of her body after it is born, because it is believed that in this way we provide not to be left handed when it grows up.

4* The good thing against the evil eyes: a baby should be carrying a red thread around its arm and not to take it out of the house after the sunset.

5* Baby diapers are not allowed to leave the house after sunset. However, if diapers or baby dresses are yet forgotten outside the house, then it should shake in the wind before the use.

7* If a baby is born with umbillical cord wrapped around its neck, it is an indicator of early death of a baby.

8* In the order of saving children from bad or dirty powers, they should be called with different names.

9* Children should be lactated from breasts (separated from tits) in following months: May, August, November or January - always when the moon is full.

10* Take care what subject the child will first catch - its occupation (proffesion) depends on it, when it grows up.

11* If a child first says a word "mom" another child will be female, but if a child first says word "dad" another child will be male. Hair and nails should not be cutted until the child reaches the age of one year. The first cutting should be done by a healthy young man.

12* A parent who wants his child to have curly hair when it grows up, baby's head should be washed with wine after its birth or to arrange the first person that cuts its hair to be the person with curly hair.

13* A child should never be skipped, to avoid of staying small forever.

14* Do not allow the children to play with fire or matches, because they will pie in the night after it.

15* The children should not ride brooms during the games, to avoid bad dreams.

16* And finally, one funny superstition about children. Children should not be given to eat chicken legs, because they will not be able to keep any secrets.

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