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Superstitions about Black Cats

Superstitions about black cats originated long time ago and varies from nation to nation. Romans and Egyptians consider cats as sacred animals. Cat is worhiped in India and Israel. In European countries, a cat is not considered as a good animal (especially not black cat).

In each story about witches, a black cat is considered as obligatory helper in causing harm people. Actually, black cat increases power of witches.

Here are list of superstitions about black cats in Europe

Black cats superstitions1* Many are wondering, is it good to have a black cat in the house. The most interesting superstition about black cat is that it is good to have one black cat in the house.

2* It is good to have a black cat as a pet.

3* If a black cat comes across you in the morning, it brings you a bad luck.

4* If a black cat turned back to you, it brings bad luck to you.

5* Irish people believe that the epidemic will forestall if the black cat cross a road during the moonlight.

6* One superstition says that it is good sign if a black cat is in the audience at the day of the premiere of the play.

7* Englih sailors believe that a black cat on the board brings a calm sea and safty sailing.

8* Some Englishmen believe that it is a good habit to give a black cat as present to the bride on the day of her wedding.

9* Completely white hair, from a completely black cat (without a scratch), will bring vast treasure and happiness.

Superstitions about cats in general

1* The most popular superstition about cats in general is that a cat has nine lives.

2* Good luck encountes if three cats appear in one way.

3* Black and white cats bring good luck.

4* A lot of actors believe that it is desirable to have a cat in theatre.

5* Italians believe that it is good to hear a cat sneezing.

6* Whoever kicks a cat will receive rheumatism very soon.

7* Czech people believe that cats are symbols of fertility.

8* If the cats fur is three coloured, it keeps the owner of the cat from plague and fire.

9* A dream with a cat in it is not a good sign because it indicates a false friend.

10* It will be cold outside if a cat sits behind the door.

11* It will be raining if a cat washies behind the ears.

12* It is recommended not to sleep ever in the place where the cat likes to sleep.

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