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Superstitions about domestic animals

Superstitions about domestic animalsAll the superstitions in Europe speak positively about dogs, except when the dog is behaving in a strange way. So let's see. First of all superstitions says that the dog is a good animal and man's best friend and is definitely good to have him in the house, but not good if dog without no reason start churning. And if this happens during the day, European people believes that some of the residents will be sick.

If the dog starts to tuck in during the night, superstition tell, we can expect the death of the host.

If the dog roaring and tuck at the time when some of the household is ill, so it will soon die and if that time happily running, then you will surely recover.

It is not good even if the dog runs and stretches too because it can mean someone from the household's disease.

If Shepherd dog begins to slaughter the lambs, a sign is that the boss will slide into financial difficulties.

If someone else comes and barking dog next to the house, there is happiness came into the house and should not be force to leave.

And at the end the last superstition about dogs that I know. The dog would never attack the good people, just bad, because it knows well that distinguishes them.

European superstition tell that cat is selfish and not very good animal.

But there are people who believe that the cat can cure the sick man a place on the body so that it finds itself lying on it. If an accident happens that a cat will lie with the patient this means that it does not help and would soon die.

It is believed that the place where the cat likes to sleep, one should not be used for vacation, because in that place can get sick.

Not good if you skip a cat someone over the head, because it can blur mind.

For the cats are believed to be able to feel and distinguish the good from the bad people, so they leave the house if you came to visit such a bad person.

Cat is a very clean animal and will never relieve in the house. If it still happens, bode disaster at home.

Cat is not good if you drive off alone in the house comes.

Black cat is not good and it brings misfortune, says general superstition. But that's not all. The most interesting superstition of domestic animals is just the superstition about black cat. That is why I devoted this whole separate page.

Horse is good and noble animal and it brings good news.

During the war, people looked at how horses behave before a battle to know what the outcome at the end of fall, and if they were happy and lively means that in the battle to win and if they liked their behavior is then expected bad completion.

Not a good sign if a cow calves only male cow because it can be a sign of financial losses.

If a cow abducted two calves at a time, there is a belief that some of the residents die.

European superstition tell, if cattle shakes legs in winter, it means that snow will fall.

Is not good to castrate young cattle, during the new moon.

Rooster is an animal that first awakens. The people there believe that an angel came and warned roosters when they should begin to advertise the arrival of dawn and day. The roosters are usually sing about an hour after midnight, the other about two and a third about three o'clock in the morning.

Devil that evil people, state cock to sing much earlier, before half the night, and wake up people for no reason. If this happens three times, that rooster is not good to keep in the house, any more.

Also if the cock begins cluck like chicken or hen crow like the cock should not be a good hope for the best the slaughter and eat them.

Roosters sometimes not kept longer than a one year. This is because the belief in the first year of the cock sings, "You are the boss" a second year, "I am the boss", or the first year of singing "kill me" and the second year, "I will kill you."

When the cock crowing on the doorstep, it means that there will be guests.

Then, if the chicken pulls into the house and lay on the hearth, someone will be out of the house sick and die.

Eggs for plantation should not carry over water, it will not be cured. If you already have to transfer them to dip into the water and will give good hatched.

European people also believes that the woman who egg plant, should be to sit down at a little nest to her hen sat quietly at the plantation.

If the chickens a lot of runway, presumed to be the hungry years.

If the pig starts to eat poultry, bode misfortune, and if begin to eat their pigs should be immediately slaughtered or sold.

When the word pig under a window, predicts happiness, and if you solved the doorstep, suggests that someone will die from the house.

For sheep there is a superstition that says, sheep comes from heaven, as though people give milk and meat, sheep also dresses people in the wool.

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