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Superstitions about the journey and the road

Journey superstitionsI heard a lot of superstitious stories about travel, journey, travelers, passengers and also a lot of beliefs about that how and when is a good time to start traveling, how to begins a journey, superstitions for a safe trip and return, good and bad signs on a journey and so on.

So there is a first superstition. Not to clean house in the day when someone is take a long journey, because it is the same as you clean every trace, but should waiting to traveler arrive where he went.

When someone from the house starts on a long journey, that day no one should give anything from home, because the passenger will be unhappy.

When someone begins a journey, spill the water behind him, for luck. Just be careful not to drench him, says the old superstition.

It's good to knock three times by hand on the door when someone begins a journey, for a safe trip and return.

Remember old superstition - never start traveling on Friday.

Sunday is a good day to start the journey.

It is not good when someone goes on a journey to return back for something that is forgotten. The thing is worse if more time is returned.

Who went out of the house and meet someone with full bags or baskets, that day will be happy day for him.

If you meet someone with empty baskets or bags, you will have bad luck all that day.

If someone on the road find a horseshoe, it can be calm because it will be very happy journey.

If someone on the road get shit from the birds, that is a good sign and that person can expect a pleasant and happy events.

Do not ride a cat in the car, it is a bad luck for you.

If any black cats cross the road, it's a bad sign and bad luck. So not bad to immediately make three steps backwards to spell so dispersed.

Where rabbits run across the way is very possible that he would manage in the way of any trouble and should at this point to make three rounds if you want to do this does not happen.

Who meet the dog, it will have a happy journey.

Hedgehog is also a good animal it is a good sign if someone cross the road because that is a sign for good luck.

If you somewhere along the way meet a pig, a sign is that it will lead you to an unexpected win.

Red horse on the road, provided the meeting with a loved one.

White horse on the road, means economic losses.

Deer is always a good to meet, says superstition from Europe.

A good sign is when you saw a man with a coat of arms. Even better is if you touch that person because you will have good luck until you wash your hands.

It is not good to cross the road laden car because the car will come to a fracture or fault.

Never cross the road earlier.

If someone young children, especially female, cross the road, it is a bad sign for bad luck.

If someone in the way of a thorn caught in clothing, then you will soon be in the wedding party.

There is a one very interesting superstition. At the place where man trip over the move, there is a belief in below hidden treasure at the same place.

If you pass the cemetery, you should always cross in order to drive away evil spirits.

And finally one superstition says that the drunk man could not happen any accidents on the road, because "God save the drunk people."

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