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Superstitions about Pregnancy

List of superstitions about pregnant women and pregnancy

Superstitions about pregnancyHere are the most popular superstitious stories about pregnancy from Europe:

1* The first three months pregnant woman should not speak to anyone that she is pregnant.

2* Boy or girl superstition. The woman is pregnant with male child if she:
- feels difficulties on the right side of her body,
- likes to eat wild animals and dry food,
- if attentively listen to stories about military actions,
- if extends more right than left leg.

3* Boy or girl superstition. The woman is pregnant with female child if she:
- feels difficulties on the left side of her body,
- if she is happy,
- if usually listen to music and sings,
- if she likes to watch the dance.

4* When you ask a woman about the gender of a child, she is carrying a female child if her face turns to red color.

5* It is not a good sign if a woman hides her pregnancy because her child will be deaf or powerless.

6* If a pregnant woman seeks something from you, give it to her. If you do not do this, your eye will be sick or mice will bite your clothes.

7* You should always offer the pregnant woman meal or food; if she is eager for some kind of food she can lose the baby.

8* The pregnant woman should not look to the fire, her child can get hives of the fire on its face.

9* To avoid the child has a red spots on its face, pregnant woman is not supposed to watch the blood, slaughter of livestock and poultry.

10* Pregnant woman is not supposed to eat rabbit meat because her child will be born with cross eyes.

11* It is not recommended pregnant woman to eat legs of cattle to avoid injuries of a child feet and ankles.

12* Pregnant woman should not beat a cat or a dog because her child will bark or meow.

13* The old European superstition says that pregnant woman should not look to dead people or go to funerals because her child will be yellow faced.

14* Pregnant woman should not eat fish because her child will have freckles on face and will not speak long time.

15* A pregnant woman is not supposed to see a snake and also is not good to mention a snake in front of pregnant woman because her child will be pockmarked or with freckles.

16* To avoid giving birth to twins pregnant woman must not eat fruit from growing tree: plums, or cherries.

17* Pregnant woman must not go out alone in the night.

18* Pregnant woman should not deride to maimed people, deaf, tongue-tided and so on, because she will give birth to child with same characteristics.

19* The pregnant woman should not climb to the fruit tree and harvested fruit, because the fruit will not be delivered next year and can be dry.

20* A pregnant woman should not kiss the cross, because her child will suffer from epilepsy.

21* And now remember the last superstition about pregnancy: When it is time for delivery, it is not recommended to talk about it to her mother until delivery is completed in order more easily childbirth to be completed.

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