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Superstitions about wild animals

Superstitions about wild animalsIn European people there is a saying and old superstition: "It is good to kill the wolf", as it believes that it has created by devil because he is the biggest threat to livestock. That is why the wolf usually not good wild animal for a superstitious person.

There is a belief that the person who manages to kill nine wolves, go to heaven.

For bear there is the popular belief. Bear was a man, whom God has turned into a bear because it make bread with legs.

Fox is considered to be the smartest animal but it does not exist any other beliefs or superstitions.

Rabbit is unfortunate animals, because there are many enemies (the persecution of him and the people and other animals).

European superstition tell that ferret can be understood what people says. If man says something bad when he sees it he come close to him, steal and spit the dish, and it thus poison.

Many mice, mean hungry years. When the mouse appear in the house, a sign is that some of the residents stealing host.

And now my favorite cute superstition, white mouse shared happiness for all.

Not good if the mole digging in the yard, because it suspects the accident.

For a snake, too, there is a lot of superstitions. The snake and the wolf is considered the greatest enemy of man.

So if a man step on snake, should immediately kill that snake, because it will avenge him.

Those snakes that are the foundations of home and living around the house, the people called home snakes. These snakes do not kill people, because they are believed to be converted to dead ancestors who kept house.

Snakes that appear before the St. George's, are considered to be sinners because someone was bitten last year.

Frog does not good to kill, because who do it, his mother will die, says the old superstition.

If you removed a lot of fishermen fish, there will be a fruitful year.

When the fish swims over the top with water, suspects that there will be damage in the area.

And the last, be sure to remember old wise superstition. Should always help animals in trouble, you should be sure that it good deed when it eventually returned.

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