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Superstitions of Chinese New Year

2011 Year of the Rabbit

Chinese New YearChinese New Year (2011 Year of Rabbit), begins February 3, 2011, according to the traditional Chinese calendar, this will be the Year of the Rabbit. Here is the superstitions about the Chinese New Year. Superstition is very prevalent in China, so let's see how to greet the Chinese New Year.

After the Year of the Tiger, we followed a period of easy pace and stability, according to predictions for 2011. It is expected that people will be sent to the family. In politics, sanity will prevail, negotiations, diplomatic solution. Everything should be sophisticated. It is possible that the money will arrive from all sides.

Celebrating Chinese New Year focuses on family and home decoration, and numerous parts, which will bring good luck to all tenants.

Therefore, the entire home carefully and thoroughly cleaned to remove the old and stagnant energy, and prepare room for new and fresh yang energy.

Also, clean up your desk, all the drawers, shelves and cabinets (your job).

If you do not have time for such a detailed cleaning, then at least to devote additional attention to the kitchen because she is a symbol of good health and prosperity of the family.

A few days before New Year's make a big grocery shopping and fill the fridge and pantry to ensure the welfare of the family.

To ensure the prosperity and welfare in 2011. year, pay all the bills and paying off all debts, if you can.

It is also conveniently greet the Chinese New Year with full of wallets. It is not necessary that a large amount in it, but that's a lot of notes and coins. In your home, including workspace, place the bowl with a big beautiful oranges, and various other fruits, nuts, almonds and dried fruit.

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, there is old Chinese superstition to eat fish - carp or salmon (for longevity and intelligence), cabbage (for wealth) and oranges or tangerines (for good health). Due respect for domestic animals is not recommended to eat meat. It is customary to family members and friends to give orange because it is a symbol of good luck and longevity.

The red color symbolizes the fire element, hence it is considered most advantageous to the happiest color. The color red energizes and provides additional strength so it should definitely wear the first day of Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year will be welcome with open windows, that happiness can come into the house.

According to ancient superstitions, you will able to see the goddess and the rabbit on the moon on New Year's Day, if your heart is so good.

On New Year's Day, don't talk about the past, look to the future and new beginnings.

Also, on New Year's Day, don't clean the house.

For prosperity and good luck, on the 5th day of New Year's, include dragons (in front of your business). According to superstition the gods of prosperity come down to earth from the heavens, on that day.

According to superstition, the first month of the Chinese New Year, we should not cut the hair and should not buy new shoes.

Year of the Rabbit will end 22nd January 2012th.

Let you happy!

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