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Old Superstitions of Plants

Superstitions about plantsPlease contact attention. I am sure that you have at least one plant in your house. Therefore, carefully read what are superstitions and beliefs about your plants.

The most famous plants superstition, probably is about Basil. Basil is considered among the European people as a very good, healing and sacred plant, which are also used to protect home and occupants and it is good to have it in the house all over the year. Superstition also says that the souls of good people smell like the basil.

Garlic is also good to eat and hang it somewhere above the door. It's also good to keep it always with you in your pocket because the widespread belief that it is the excellent protection against dirty power.

Houseleek is the plant like the name says. It protect the house from thunder and evil spirits.

Now very popular superstition for good luck. Four-leaf clover who found it, let's Tear off the nails and teeth and keep with you, and be accompanied with good luck. More good luck brings clover that you've found, than clover that's a given to you.

Superstition says when someone finds a lilac flower with five petals, to think of a wish and put a flower in the bosom of himself and his desire to keep.

It is good at a time when declining to take three chestnut and keep them with him, because the following year had good health. When this is necessary at times to take them and hold in one hand.

Not be at home to keep the plant a vine, especially when rising and start to crawl. Especially not good if the crawlers on the house.

Plants with thorns never kept in the house.

Also, European people believe that no good if someone donate flowers with thorns, as they may quarrel with that person.

Who is picking roses in her stab the thorn, a sign that his love is true.

Who breeding flowers going from hand, it is believed that he was in the house peace, prosperity and progress.

Never keep plants dry, according to belief.

It is not good to plant nut younger people because they are believed to be the one who planted a walnut tree die when it reaches the thickness of the door.

Fir no one should be planted in the house or outside the house because it is believed that then the house will remain empty.

Superstition about Weeping Willow says that it is also not desirable wood because it brings sadness and sorrow.

Do not forget next superstitious belief. Every other tree where branches grow down should not be planted in the house or around the house, but only the trees whose branches are going up.

Fruits should not be planted in a leap year, because they will not give birth each year.

It is not good to eat cherries before Ascension, apples and grapes before St. Peter's before the Transfiguration.

Blackberry is the devil's grapes, so it should not be tasted before it is tasted grapes.

Apple is in Europe most prestigious fruit and it is a symbol of health, youth and fertility, but I do not know no one special superstition about apple.

Cabbage should not be planted on Sunday, because it will eat the pests.

Wheat should be sown until the full moon that was full of grain and sail.

Who is going to sow hemp, by the way you hear the birds would not be digging around in field.

If the field does not spring up one part, and if everything is planted, suspicious of someone's death the house.

And remember this superstition: from the house from which someone has died, the seed should not be taken for all next year.

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