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Superstition in generalWhat is a superstition in general? Widely accepted definition of superstition is that it is irrational belief and interpretation about the events from the future based on certain conclusions and acts. It is not built on logical causes and relations between actions and events.

Every nation have some sort of superstition in its tradition; some of them are so strong that they even acquire main characteristics of modern pop culture. Will you be superstitious or not, it depends solely on you, yourself, your belief, level of education and the environment you are living in. Statistics say that only 30% of people are not superstitious - researchers warn that this number does not include those who do not want to admit it.

Superstition is something that we encounter every day. How many times do you see the mother pouring the water after her son who goes to the exam; how people spit out when they see a black cat on the street; how people should pick only Mondays for all new beginnings or how bride should have something new, something red, something old and something borrowed on the day of her wedding.

Do you know that you should get up only on the right leg and never cut your nails on Fridays? Whether you believe or not, the statistics data show that in this world two-thirds of the population are superstitious. Top 5 places on the list of most striking believes are: the black cat; broken mirror that brings misfortune; clover with 4 leaves, horseshoe and knocking on the wood brings happiness; forbidden passage under the ladder; Friday 13th brings misfortune...etc.

But do you know when and where it all began and how these old believes deeply rooted in people? I am here trying to find out the answer on these questions.

So, help me with your personal experience.

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