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Tarot Card Reading for Beginners including Upright and Reversed Card Meanings

Everyone who wants to learn to read Tarot needs to know a basic rule in a Tarot Cards Reading:

1. When a some Tarot Card is upright, its energy is free to reflect
2. When a some Tarot Card is reversed, its energy is blocked
3. In this way, each Tarot Cards symbolize specific keywords

Who wants to have fun here can find Meanings for each Tarot Cards

FoolMeaning of the Fool Tarot Card

Upright Card: beginnings possibilities, opportunity, creativity, courage, faith, pleasure, spontaneity, thoughtlessness, adventure

Reversed Card: fallacy, injustice, indecision, hesitation, bad choice, apathy, vice, madness

The Fool also means the faith in life and yourself.

Number: 0
Element: Air
Astrology: Uranus

MagicianMeaning of the Magician Tarot Card

Upright Card: action, power, self-confidence, creativity, sleight of hand, dexterity, skill

Reversed Card: delay, unimaginative, disease, insecurity, uncertainty, confusion, deception, lack of self-confidence,

The Magician also means the power to tap universal forces.

Number: 1
Element: Air
Astrology: Mercury

High PriestessMeaning of the High Priestess Tarot Card

Upright Card: mystery, secret knowledge, knowledge in general, wisdom, intuition, impatience, virtue, potential

Reversed Card: misunderstanding, ignorance, disappointment, selfishness, shallowness

The High Priestess also means that the path of harmony and initiation leads through the nature.

Number: 2
Element: Water
Astrology: Moon

EmpressMeaning of the Empress Tarot Card

Upright Card: mothering, development, evolution, nature, accomplishment action

Reversed Card: infidelity, vacillation, inaction, prodigality, infertility, anxiety

The Empress also means that riches go with a generous and open spirit.

Number: 3
Element: Earth
Astrology: Venus

EmperorMeaning of the Emperor Tarot Card

Upright Card: fathering, authority, leadership, security, control, organization, rationality, regulation

Reversed Card: lack of ambition, dependency, loss of business, family problems

The Emperor also means the symbol of a spiritual rather than temporal supremacy.

Number: 4
Element: Fire
Astrology: Aries

HierophantMeaning of the Hierophant Tarot Card

Upright Card: forgiveness, mercy, conformity, social approval, education, experience, wisdom

Reversed Card: frailty, vulnerability, humility, renunciation, impotence, unorthodoxy, foolish generosity

The Hierophant also symbolizes religious thought and those who seek the progress of humanity.

Number: 5
Element: Earth
Astrology: Taurus

LoversMeaning of the Lovers Tarot Card

Upright Card: love, romance, marriage, harmony, trust, relationship, personal beliefs, optimism

Reversed Card: separation, infidelity, failed marriage, unreliability, fickleness, frustration

The Lovers also means the health and treatment of natural resources.

Number: 6
Element: Air
Astrology: Gemini

ChariotMeaning of the Chariot Tarot Card

Upright Card: official journey, victory, perseverance, self-assertion, vengeance

Reversed Card: defeat, failure, call to war, unpleasant news, accident, disaster, bad luck

The Chariot also means the positive aspects of the ego.

Number: 7
Element: Water
Astrology: Cancer

StrengthMeaning of Strength Tarot Card

Upright Card: strength, action, courage, heroism, virility, determination, patience

Reversed Card: weakness, malaise, sickness, pettiness, indisposition, unfaithfulness,

Strength also advised that you should go and stay until the end.

Number: 8
Element: Fire
Astrology: Leo

HermitMeaning of the Hermit Tarot Card

Upright Card: introspection, searching for truth, prudence, inner strength, caution,

Reversed Card: abandonment, withdrawal, regression, imprudence, immaturity, foolishness

The Hermit warns that caution is necessary and easy procedure to find the right path.

Number: 9
Element: Earth
Astrology: Virgo

Wheel of FurtuneMeaning of the Wheel of Furtune Tarot Card

Upright Card: fortune, destiny, turning point, rapid change, travel, advancement, progress, abundance and richness

Reversed Card: failure, misfortune, interruption, unluckily journey, accidents at work, lack of money

The Wheel of Furtune also means the wheel of life.

Number: 10
Element: Fire
Astrology: Jupiter

JusticeMeaning of Justice Tarot Card

Upright Card: justice, balance, equality, righteousness, harmony, responsibility, honor,

Reversed Card: injustice, false accusations, violence, inequality, bureaucracy

Justice also means the chance of success on the field of art, education, learning.

Number: 11
Element: Air
Astrology: Libra

Hanged ManMeaning of the Hanged Man Tarot Card

Upright Card: change, reversal, rebirth, suspension, sacrifice

Reversed Card: false prophecy, useless sacrifice, unwillingness, unrequited love, betrayal, anxiety

The Hanged Man also symbolizes the action of paradox in our lives.

Number: 12
Element: Water
Astrology: Neptune

DeathMeaning of Death Tarot Card

Upright Card: ending, some kind of death, loss, failure, transition, unexpected change, bad luck

Reversed Card: death, stagnation, slow changes, fraud, news of someone's death, accident which is hard to believe

Death also means that time passes inexorably.

Number: 13
Element: Water
Astrology: Scorpio

TemperanceMeaning of Temperance Tarot Card

Upright Card: temperance, health, balance, patience, confidence, good influence, combination

Reversed Card: disunion, discord, conflict, aggression, greed, infertility, unsolvable problem, poor management, rivalry and conflict of interest

Temperance also means the happy outcome of a difficult situation.

Number: 14
Element: Fire
Astrology: Sagittarius

DevilMeaning of the Devil Tarot Card

Upright Card: unexpected failure, downfall, disaster, controversy, slavery, materialism, ravage, destruction of the family

Reversed Card: recovery, release, enlightenment, hard work, perseverance, patience, divorce

The Devil is a very positive card in the material sense, encourages the desire for success and to be seen in the company.

Number: 15
Element: Earth
Astrology: Capricorn

TowerMeaning of the Tower Tarot Card

Upright Card: unexpected events, sudden changes, downfall, bankruptcy, disruption, abandonment, violence, suffering, depression, end of friendship

Reversed Card: overcoming the crisis, salvation, rebirth, happy birth

The Tower always indicates a serious warning.

Number: 16
Element: Fire
Astrology: Mars

StarMeaning of the Star Tarot Card

Upright Card: faith, hope, optimism, inspiration, balance, pleasure, purity, spiritual love

Reversed Card: bad luck, disappointment, broken dreams, theft, indigence

The Star reminds us to open our heart and release our doubt and fears.

Number: 17
Element: Air
Astrology: Aquarius

MoonMeaning of the Moon Tarot Card

Upright Card: imagination, illusion, fraud, secret enemies, danger, disillusionment, disgrace, error

Reversed Card: peace after the storm, deception discovered, trifling mistakes

The Moon also foretells the birth or relating to children.

Number: 18
Element: Water
Astrology: Pisces

SunMeaning of the Sun Tarot Card

Upright Card: vitality, greatness, power, satisfaction, success, joy, love, happy marriage, assurance

Reversed Card: loneliness, unrealized dreams, unhappiness, loss of power

The Sun also means the fame or glory, when it is at an important place.

Number: 19
Element: Fire
Astrology: Sun

JudgementMeaning of Judgement Tarot Card

Upright Card: judgment, awakening, inner calling, rebirth, rejuvenation, change the situation, atonement, movement

Reversed Card: disappointment, indecision, inability, illness, death, worry, failure, theft

Judgement also indicates a new period in the life.

Number: 20
Element: Fire
Astrology: Pluto

WorldMeaning of the World Tarot Card

Upright Card: eternal life, perfection, success, integration, fulfillment, realized goal, happy journey

Reversed Card: disappointment, lack of vision, failure, stagnation, wasted effort

The World also means the favorable conditions for the future success.

Number: 21
Element: Earth
Astrology: Saturn

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