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Ufo truth or liesFrom the middle of last century until now in the air hover one big mystery. Are the stories about UFO truth or lies? A lot of people say that they have seen something called a UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects). In addition, there are stories about contacts with "aliens". A large number of stories about UFO are created somewhere after the Second World War.

However, this phenomenon is as old as mankind. To date, the UFO are one of the greatest mysteries. Throughout the history of ancient people often mentioned contact with beings who come from the sky. Sometimes these beings associated with the gods. Old-Indian culture has left behind most sources on this topic. They even mentioned the alien beings. Whether it was the imagination or the truth, we will never know.

Today, there are plenty of people who claim to have seen UFOs. And not only that. There are those who claim to have had contact with aliens. Are their stories truth or lies, it is hard to say. Or maybe, it's just a bad estimate.

On such questions, we expect a logical answer from science. Until now, science says that there is no evidence of the existence of UFOs or aliens. And maybe that's the best way for us.

It therefore does not need much to think about it...

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