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What are the Vampires

VampiresThe vampire is the name of a dead man with supernatural powers who gets up from the grave at night and sucks people's blood. There are two ways to become a vampire. Make a covenant with the devil during lifetime, or been bitten by another vampire.

Myths of bloodthirsty creatures like vampires have almost all cultures and civilizations, starting from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China, to the Eskimos and the Aztecs. In Africa, there are ancient stories of native people about creatures that are converted into a variety of birds at night and suck the blood of children. In Tibetan Buddhist terminology there are a stories about the so-called "hungry ghosts," individuals whose minds at the time of physical death are not able to relieve the desire for life. Therefore, their spirits come back and haunt the living people. The ancient Greeks their version of the vampire called Lamija or Empusa and associated them with witches and cannibalism.

Nevertheless, the term vampire itself derives from the Balkan and Eastern Europe, where the myths about vampires were so common, impressive and remarkably. And so they began to spread around the world.

How to Recognize, Repel and Kill Vampire

1. Vampires have no reflection in the mirror.

2. Vampire can repel with garlic and crucifix.

3. These creatures do not tolerate the sun. It will burn by the sun and die.

4. We can kill them just using a hawthorn tree through their heart.

5. They can be recognized by large fangs.

6. Every vampire has a big sexual appetite. It springs from the association with the Devil and demons.

The Most Popular Vampire in the World

The most popular vampire in the world is Count Dracula from Romania. This vampire was a special inspiration for the writers, and later for film artists. In this way, he has become the alpha and omega of all vampires.

Nevertheless, Count Dracula was not a vampire, but he was a severe sadist. Except through sadism and cruelty, history remembered him as a brave and fearless warrior against Ottoman expansion. Romanian people remembers him as a very stiff ruler who cut crime in the country.

Truth about Vampires

Although today stories about vampires we reject as pure superstition, however, there must be something, based on which they started as rumors, myths and legends. But the stories are however started from somewhere. For example, there are diseases that cause pale skin color, big teeth, sensitivity to the sun, etc... Such persons are to those who are met them looked like scary and weird.

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